Realizing our Intentions and Working Hard to Do It

I think all humans have a lazy streak. I consider myself fairly diligent and work for what I have but sometimes I stop and catch myself, “Boy that was lazy of me.” Meaning, I really could have had a better attitude, not been so uncaring or just, “I don’t feel like it.” when I said I would. We all do that!

Sometimes I wish I could just spend an entire day laying in the grass and having someone wait on me. LOL. Espressos, biscotti and then iced drinks, bit of alcohol or not. I’m not really into that.

Humans like to be taken care of that’s for sure. I take care of humans for a living as a body-worker and patients come in with agendas to get attention as opposed to just medical care. I hate it. But I don’t feel like I’m slaving for them or being a service worker because I charge a decent fee.

I do feel like a domestic slave when I have to do housework. If I could, I’d hire a maid, a groundskeeper and a cook. Then I could get all my brainiac work done and not have to think about chores. That seems reasonable to me. I would not feel guilty doing that because I know I have something valuable about which to write.

Today is Yellow 9glutamic acid Earth

Today is Yellow 9 Solar Human, it’s support is Blue 9 Hand or solar healing and accomplishment, Guide Power is Yellow 9 Solar Star or harmony and beauty, the challenge is White 9 Wind or Solar Spirit Communication and the Hidden Wisdom is Red 5 Overtone Moon or radiant flow of feeling. Sounds like poetry to me. This is all good.

Humans mystify me to a great degree though. My son, who says he doesn’t like himself (21 years old) continues to be a peach and helpful as can be to me, and thoughtful and generous. Yet he says he only does it to avoid conflict but he and I don’t have conflict. His Dad and I did. He says,” It’s not that he cares.” LOL!!! Very mysterious.

People who seem like they’d be mean or rude or even evil sometimes end up being the best. The OPPOSITE is true as well. Someone who has been good and kind, doesn’t break the law, etc. will turn around a go off the chain. All of a sudden, everything they’ve repressed will come to the surface and maybe they didn’t even know it was there. We all stand there stunned. Humans scare me. Seriously. I believe the unconscious mind needs to become conscious and I’ve blogged alot on that previously.

The point of this gateway is to say that we ARE POWERFUL and when we are UNCONSCIOUS of that inner power from the SUN or our QI, we can be dangerous or very good. It is literally our duty to meditate and focus our minds and hearts on our intention for being on the planet or we could lose our minds. Humans do not like to be controlled. Yes, we will be conflict avoidant, act like we’re scared and then obey but none of it will be sincere. None of it will be authentic because we have evolved TO BE FREE! We have evolved to have a mind of our own and to learn to express ourselves in a community and to cooperate! We haven’t evolved to be divisive as we see now. That’s been programmed into us by the media. This gateway is about humans sitting in their true power and engaging with the planet and each other to create something good, unique, and lasting over time.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about how unhappy and divisive everyone is right now. Sometimes I cry about it because it’s sad to me that people don’t see or know how much they are loved and valued by the Universe. I hope we get through this in one piece because we are ONE human race made of many cultures in a vast universe to be explored.

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