It’s Not Against the Law to Have Fun…I Don’t Think…

Today is Blue 8 Monkey and it’s attributes are play, illusion, magic, spontaneous, innocent, humorous, curious, transparent and communicative. We have the opportunity to engage and internalize these literal energies today of which we all have memories. Unfortunately, very few of us, at any age are allowed to engage in these activities anymore until this EVENT is over. The Creative Tone 8 is galactic integrity, modeling, and harmonizing.

Humans love to play together and be together physically and there is no choice now but for that TO RETURN. There are big forces working right now, including our military, to help bring back our way of life as a society in it’s BEST LIGHT. We need to be together and love one another again. Some of us have good families we can do that with and some of us don’t. But we have friends and friends need to include each other in a family circle. The family unit has suffered under the lies of institutions and that will be something we need to bring to the surface in our society so that people who do not have integrated families due to extensive dysfunction don’t feel left out as they do now.

The less favorable things like self-destruction, abuse, and addiction need to fall away in order for everyone to have fun safely. I’ve never found self-destruction to be fun but many have and it has become normalized in our society.

Have a great Thursday and HUG someone, literally, not digitally.

Blue 8 Monkey is the Theme. The 5GForce is Red 6 Moon or rhythmic feeling.

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