Daily Reading; Today’s Gateway is Unique. It’s 5GForce is Itself

White Dog

The theme is White 7 Dog, the analog is Red 7 Moon, the Guide Power is White 7 Wind, the antipode is Yellow 7 Sun and the Hidden Wisdom is Blue 7 Monkey. The nutshell of that is;

Resonant, universal LOVE from Source is supported by our ability to FEEL our feelings and purify that flow. We are guided by Spirit and our ability to breathe, meditate, and communicate, MASK FREE, we know we can express ourselves and feel better. The challenge and the gift with that is Christ Consciousness, solar awareness, enlightenment, and feeling unified and whole in the midst of DIVIDE and CONQUER social programming from the far left. The subconscious hidden wisdom is remembering how to play when we were children, how free we felt, and bringing up powerful artistic tendencies that reside in all humans.

It’s strange to look at human and animal loving closeness now isn’t it? All the media programming is so evil and promotes separateness. It’s part of the globalist psyop of divide and conquer and hopefully, you’re doing the opposite.

None of this is about a virus. That needs to be dropped now. What they are trying to do to humans and human society is far worse and there is no end to which virus or bacteria could wail on in the media as a bioweapon to make this endless. We need to turn it off and love each other. That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t hurt to follow exopolitics.org either and contact your congressperson so they know, “we know” and can handle the truth. Society would change quickly if they knew we were ready for the truth. They’re able to take advantage of humans because of our fear.

Today is White RESONANT 7 Dog or resonant loyalty and Love from Source, the opposite of fear. The 5th-dimensional GForce is ITSELF so this is a powerful day to forgive, create your own self-loving vortex that then resonates with others and decide you want to create, thrive, and live on the planet.

I know it feels like it’s literally illegal to be happy and free now and that should be MORE of a wake-up call at the attempted globalist threat to humanity! Every day I find a new positive space to put myself in and then share that with others so that slowly I’m coming to the top. I have to admit I have no desire to be around most humans right now because their vibe is so toxic and programmed. I am around people though and it’s more work than ever. That’s ok though. I have much work to do and still enjoy my body and my home.

Have a great loving day.

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