Meditate More Today to Stay Above the Scorpio Moon

4Isoleucine Earth

You may have had weird dreams about family members last night. The aspects are cleansing our psyches and this is a good thing.

However, for people who are asleep or living superficial in the Matrix they’re likely to act out like a small child who can’t control themselves. Don’t try to save them or reason with them. Let the mud settle and the chips fall where they may and walk the other way.

These new energies are intense right now as the new light codes uplift our DNA and everyone is at a different evolutionary point in dealing with challenges. My pineal gland was opened and I was uplifted by the Covid virus. Others are done in. Others are paralyzed for awhile. Whatever your body needs to ADAPT to the new solar lights codes to remain on earth through the changes, that’s what you will need to go through. Others are already at a high evolutionary rate, can get anything and not get sick. Awesome! They are chill and likely have a high acceptance of CHANGE.

Earth is mediating Blue 4 Hand and Yellow 4 Human today. Blue 4 Night is the Guide Power this morning, Saturn mediating, but the square is this morning while we go into Scorpio moon. With this moon your dream could have been an odd sexual one that’s not neccesarily an issue for you BUT WILL HELP YOU SEE ONE THAT IS! Scorpio is like that.

This afternoon we are getting our 4 Red Earth synchronicity mojo humming. Do you know how and where you want to navigate when we have a new earth and new solar system alignments? Knowing your 5GForce will help you transmute childhood issues into a new career. We’re jumping from childhood subconscious issues to 5th dimensional creative expression. Let me know your birthday and I can get that info. to you.

Then tonight is White 10 planetary Wizard Jaguar. By dusk tonight you’ll feel like a shaman taking care of and loving yourself. KEEP THE TV OFF AND TRY NOT TO BINGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Get productive cleaning up, organizing, journal or thinking about a new project. The Sun is in Virgo so time to get to work on yourself and your project.

Blessings as you sit in feelings of peace, harmony and joy created by you and millions of others on the planet.

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