Daily Reading; The End of the Retreat

All of life is being programmed with new Light Codes and new DNA code.

Our physical and mental energy has been lying low for four days in this harmonic governed by I Ching 33 called Retreat. It coincides with the end of Lion’s Gate 8/8 and the intense entrance of the earth and all life on it into a New Earth.

Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed UNIFIES

“I unify in order to target. Attracting awareness I seal the input of flowering with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

We’re in the process of shifting now and we’ve had some significant astronomical events that you can find more about on my Facebook Group “Time Science & Art”. Just type that in the search box.

Tomorrow we enter harmonic 37 governed by I Ching Hx 30; The Clinging Fire, Synergy so things will pick up. Plus Sun in Leo has ended and we are now Sun in Virgo. Our FOCUS is on tap with Virgo and today’s Yellow 1 Magnetic Seed. The attributes are targeting, awareness, flowering, an active dynamic, spiritual creator, potential, a leader, a performer and an influencer.

The analog is Blue 1 Eagle so targeted vision and calibrating the 3rd eye pineal gland in the brain through meditation. The Guide Power is itself but the 5GForce Guide is Yellow 13 Warrior which ends this 13-day wavespell. Cosmic intelligence and Free Will is given to us there. We didn’t come to the planet to follow, react, and indulge in passionate feelings. We came to evolve, uplift, and create. The antipode is White 1 Wizard; attracting psychic senses, aligned with Divine will, and a heart knowing shaman. Finally we have Red 13 cosmic Earth to guide our navigation. It’s important to watch for synchronicity now, ground, track clues in the Matrix and be alert and confident.

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