The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

Blue 13 Cosmic Night is the Theme

I just finished watching Season 8 of Game of Thrones on HBO last night. My son had advised I put it off because the online reviews were bad. He’s 21. I ignore reviews and decide for myself. I was not disappointed for the most part and the last two episodes were about as dark as anything could be; The White Walkers War (which was shot too dark) and the destruction of King’s Landing by Dani and her dragon full of innocent people. (Red Dragon Tribe)

The synchronicities with the Tzolkin are numerous throughout the series but in particular, Season 8 is in synchronicity with Cosmic Blue Night which is today’s gateway.

I endure in order to dream. Transcending intuition I seal the input of abundance with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of accomplishment.

Kin 143 of the Dreamspell

I believe the period for Game of Thrones is roughly 15th century. But who has more to fear; the people in that century or us in this century? I was caught a bit unawares in March 2020 at the level of panic, visceral fear, irrational behavior and ability of the media TO TELL PEOPLE HOW TO FEEL and then they obeyed! during this plandemic. If you don’t know how you feel because you’re not tuned into your body, you’re easily programmed by the media, your family, and institutions in society. You can find yourself asking someone else, “Should I be Worried?” Don’t ask someone else how you should feel or you’re handing them power over your LIFE. That’s how they hijack your soul. The main purpose of the Tzolkin is to help you remember how you feel in your soul, your DNA, your creator self. The attributes of Night help us do that. We have to go within.

I don’t believe you could tell humans how to feel in the fifteenth century. It seems the human mind hasn’t progressed much since then and the vices I see in Game of Thrones endure today and then some.

The attributes of Blue Night are dreaming, intuition (Brandon Stark), abundance, mysterious, logical, powerful, thoughtful introspective, deep, and strength to endure. What is the three-eyed raven? Clairvoyance, the 3rd eye, an open pineal gland and it changed him. It’s supposed to change you. After I had the covid virus, before anyone even knew what it was in November 2019 I told my patient, “That virus changed me.” No wonder so many are afraid of it. They seriously want everything to stay the same. What planet are you on? That’s not how Earth proceeds. This is an evolutionary, experimental decimal planet and you have to roll with it or the suffering increases.

Much of this is the unconscious mind. The analog today is Yellow 13 Warrior; cosmic intelligence, the antipode is me, Red 13 Skywalker; Cosmic Wakefulness and exploration, and the Hidden Wisdom is White 1 Mirror; reflection, order and endless. Remember how Aya killed the Night King and he splintered like glass? The character Aya Stark is in synchronicity with Yellow Warrior as she was THE master warrior, a female, and small. I believe the writers did that on purpose to make a point.

Humans always fear the unknown

The dark is also the feminine, the dark of the womb, the empty space inside that is not yet lighted. This series focused heavily on the power of the feminine, the good one and the very bad one. I’d say they were pretty equal as far as characters go.

The issue is what we can’t see because it’s dark. Our eyes need sunlight, especially for our brains to evolve and the pineal gland to be open. That is where we find ourselves now. We need to see clearly to move forward and the dark night can be full of abundant wisdom if we look back on it after the sunrise.

The archetype for Yellow Sun; the Sun itself.

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