Daily Reading; Watch Out For Offloading Today

IChing Hx 33, RETREAT is in the forefront.

Today is Red 11 Dragon. Alligator is another name for Dragon. The alligator is a descendant of the Dragon. Tone 11 is Spectral and dissolves, is creative and chaotic, liberates and releases. People’s minds and awareness are being changed by the fact that they’re realizing how controlled they’ve allowed themselves to be by the media, their families and society and are starting to kick back. People are animals. Some want to roam free and others are afraid of it. Some people want to be told what to do and then when they are they rebel. We’re at a tipping point now but all the energy and support is here for us to break out and sit in our truth.

Red Dragon is blood memory or family karma, primordial mother, nurture, being, and birth, supportive and creative. But when you add tone 11 to that it tends to explode if there are too many lies and controls around the mother-child bond. It would be best to take it easy today and release anything you need to in meditation or on a punching bag. Either that or don’t think about it. Distract yourself with something else unless you have time and energy to deal with what’s surfacing. It would be too easy to say things you’ll regret later so think before you speak. Just because it’s true or how you feel doesn’t mean it needs to be said.

It’s only 11:15am in Michigan and I’ve already been at the receiving end of three offloads from out of left field. I then sit back and strategize and what action to take. I won’t answer texts of FB IM’s from friends who want counseling or my opinion. I’m working. Stranger offload I just ignored because he was incorrect. Nothing new. Humans are wrong in their assessment and actions most of the time. You’d be wasting energy reacting to that.

I retreat during fireworks and I think it’s smart to retreat from humans today. Social distancing is a good excuse.

Cysteine is Red 11 Dragon, Tyrosine is the analog White 11 Mirror, Asparagine is the antipode Blue 11 Monkey and the Hidden Wisdom is the Stop Codon, Yellow 3 Sun.

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