So Much is Up To Us Now

Theme is Yellow 10 Sun, Analog is Blue 10 Storm, Guide Power is Yellow 10 Star, Antipode is White 10 Dog and Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Dragon

Yellow 10 Planetary Sun is a Stop Codon in our DNA. That means an mRNA (messenger RNA) strand has been translated by the tRNA (transfer RNA) and is ready to be sent to the DNA cell nucleus. Our Sun controls it.

In the Tzolkin, the Sun is 0 but is = to Proline, an amino acid and the other Stop Codon. Some believe Tryptophan is also a stop codon which is the analog of Yellow Sun. Blue Storm is Tryptophan which occurred yesterday and is mediated by the planet Pluto. Yes, it is a planet. That was very odd when they tried to nix Pluto.

Guided by Yellow 10 Star, it’s Leucine mediated by VENUS. The challenge antipode is White 10 Dog or Aspartic Acid mediated by Mercury. Mercury and Mars are trine the Sun today so that is positive. The Hidden Wisdom is Red 4 Dragon which means we all sit in self-existing mode with our issues with our Mother, family blood energy and realizing that our soul and universal self trumps the Earth family. It is especially strong in this position which controls the subconscious mind. It’s more efficient to apply Love than to over analyze our mother energy, in my opinion. Love and forgiveness with boundaries is going to be the remedy anyway at the end.

Yellow 4 Self-Existing Sun is the Higher Self Guide Power. An enlightened Mind is on tap today for those that stop and listen to their body.

The Destiny and Analog kin are the Conscious Mind, Guide Kin is multidimensional awareness or Higher Self, Antipode kin is unconscious mind, and Occult Kin is the Subconscious mind given to you largely by your MOTHER.

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