Daily Reading; Today is the Fifth Step. The Spell over Earth Ends at Midnight

6Histidine Saturn

The dream in the hologram hasn’t ended but the spell has. We are in a matrix of creative magic. Time is art. That will never change but there is no more casting of spells over us that control our lives or Destiny; particularly Jupiter or Saturn Time Thieves or nefarious E.T.’s. I’m speaking of in-person testimony from military whistle blowers who have seen, heard, and been places that are being kept secret from the American Public and know things about our local solar system that are kept from us. There is plenty of tech and information that’s been given to us now that we can seriously change our life style on the surface for the better if The President and handful of elite tech companies will respect humans and share. We might not want to count on them having a change of heart but the Network Grid around the planet no longer supports the success of the selfish MINDSET. The unified group mind, balanced in female and male, in dark and light, in ying/yang has taken hold now.

Magic is INSIDE our bodies and our focused minds can co-create with our Creator. That is fully possible on Earth now. Most of what is occurring has everything to do with our BODIES and whether we love ourselves or not. Our lives are a blank canvas and our bodies are the paintbrush with which we paint our lives. We choose the details of our destiny and that is Universal Law as long as we can focus our owns minds and apply ourselves. That’s been the hiccup so far.

Today is Yellow 6 Warrior which is about organizing our lives so we can question everything we see in The Matrix, this hologram of time and DNA spinning in and around us. It’s a dynamic ART STUDIO run by our minds and intentions. I was thinking this morning how much I dislike being able to pick up vibes from people I know coming in my psychic space uninvited and then I’m able to read them. They don’t have an appointment. Why are they coming to mind in a negative fashion?

It’s up to me to overstep their energy wanting to come into my space because they’re benefiting from me but I’m not benefiting from them, and FOCUS my mind on what I DO want in my space and get busy. When you form this habit of being able to pivot your mind you are able to output intelligence for the goal of equality! There is no natural equality on Earth; we all have to apply ourselves. The ones that don’t apply themselves are going to be victims and want to be rescued.

The analog is Blue 6 Night which is dreaming, intuition, and abundance. We all need to get on that beam and it takes mental discipline. The mediating planet for Yellow Warrior and Blue Night is SATURN. Blue Night is logical, powerful, conservative, introspective and has extra strength to endure. Guide Power is itself which gives the day extra ummpph.

The antipode is White 6 Worldbridger so in order to achieve our own mental focus we’re going to have to forgive people who come into our space to take and are not interested in reciprocation, giving or sharing. Forgiveness is about cutting a cord and setting a boundary. That person is no longer allowed in your mental space. This is a multidimensional transformation because you realize you have A DUTY to honor your time and your body to get the work done you came here for. You don’t have time for users and off loaders and you’re literally not supposed to entertain them in your space. It is a type of death and one you’ll come to embrace.

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 8 Galactic Serpent who models integrity and harmony. We use survival instinct and life force to paint the picture of our lives. It doesn’t have to be “beautiful”. It can be whatever you prefer just as long as you realize many people might not like it because it’s not their thing and will turn away. People don’t have to agree but they also don’t need to get dramatic or mean about dissing. Humans are weird about the group agreement thing. Just do your own thing if others are not in affinity. It’s not negative at all to be by yourself for awhile.

The 5Gforce is Yellow 8 Seed or Galactic Targeting on the earth plane. That is accomplished through Source, Sirius and our Sun

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  1. Hi Lisa —

    Love your words today!
    I’m there.

    This part of your post has prompted me to send you
    a link to the (2 minute) trailer of my dream class . . .
    the humorous version.

    The analog is Blue 6 Night which is dreaming, intuition, and abundance.

    Trailer, Unveiling Your Dreams – YouTube
    Unveiling Your Dreams Trailer, 2020 by Sunshower Rose Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 16.

    If you’d like to view the full versions,
    here are their links.

    Regular, straight forward, 12 minutes:

    Unveiling Your Dreams with Narration & Music – YouTube
    Sunshower Rose, professional artist and Dream Coach offers her art in her original PPT, created in 2009 – now updated with her personal narration and music behind the images. We’d like to credit …

    Humorous take off – 17 minutes:

    Unveiling Your Dreams III – YouTube
    Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector 16 This video is a humorous, yet poignant look at the Sunshower Rose technique of remebering, recording and translating…
    Blessings to you and yours,
    as our Creative Matrix takes hold . . .


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