Daily Reading; The Third Step Through The Lion’s Gate

White 4 Wizard-Jaguar

I perfect in order to equalize. Producing opportunity I seal the store of death With the planetary tone of manifestation. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

White Self Existing 4 Wizard sits alone meditating blissfully. She-he is not thinking about work, partying, money, sex or food right now and maybe not most of the time. His support is Red 4 Serpent who is measuring the situation with instinct in order to survive.

He is guided by White 4 Dog, big self-love from God. This kin is red -pilled after being in the darkness and refusing to see what God sees in us or even believing God is real. This is no blue-pilled New Age hippie sitting only in the Light. She has been through the fire, lost jobs, mates, children, career, health that she turned around herself, and has ideas that few will get behind because women’s ideas aren’t as exciting as men’s? She keeps working anyway. She works with integrity and love, and pays her bills by herself. She has the guts to have gray hair knowing it means she’ll probably never have sex with a man again in a society where women are objectified for their youthful looks but men can be old and still stay busy? Maybe he can.

Yellow 4 Seed plants her garden. She doesn’t need anyone else to understand what she’s doing but she’s happy to explain it if they do. She’s just going to do it. He doesn’t need permission from a woman to take care of himself nor is he looking for a mother. He’s a self-sufficient man that can reciprocate from the heart. Many men have big hearts.

The Hidden Wisdom is Blue 10 Hand; planetary accomplishment. Maybe not by societies’ standards but by his peers he is accomplished and with this kin, plenty are jealous. His level of receptivity is prolific and can’t be matched and there is suffering for being that creatively receptive. He is a muse.

The 5GForce is White 10 Wizard. This is the Day that I met my fiance Michael who died 3 months after my son’s father died who was White 4 Wizard. My husband, White 4 Wizard was autistic savant and it was Michael who had a Master Degree in special Ed who told Dave he needed to take and test to see if he was Autistic and indeed he was. He found out 3 months before he died, why his life was so difficult thanks to Michael (Red Serpent). Dave spent his entire life wondering why he was so different. He was a legendary jazz musician here in Grand Rapids but not terribly loved. Other musicians competed with him a lot and socially he did not mirror others.

The huge synchronicity is that Michael was Red Serpent, the analog right next to Dave and indeed, he supported him in that very intelligent talented people are not LESS, but equal in our society. I met Michael on Dave’s GForce, White 10 WorldBridger so that he could be the SUPPORT Dave needed and also a support for my son and I. Worldbridger is about death and change and the two died 3 months apart. SYNCHRONICITY!!

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