Daily Reading; HF33-We are in 13:20 time now.

Today is 8/8 Lions Gate and the closing of the 12:60 Dreamspell. 13:20 Tzolkin time and DNA run the planet, our minds and our bodies guarded by The Pleiadeans.

Today is Yellow 2 Human and it’s time to STABILIZE the human species and the rest of life on the planet. Our DNA is moving quickly now into 3 strands with 12 nodes accessing the body. By the power of 5 we pulsed from 7 chakras to 12. 12 is the number of the Yellow Human tribe. By this Wednesday the Lions gate will be closed and the earth will be under the auspices if the Tzolkin which is the Network Grid. It controls the planet and our DNA.

Welcome aboard Timeship 13:20. It’s your body.

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