Red Galactic 8 Serpent Whose Mother is the Dragon

Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, as well as the television adaptation, Game of Thrones, in which she is portrayed by English actress Emilia Clarke. She is the Mother of Dragons and a great example of a Dragon Lady which in this case, is complimentary.

At this link you can find the secrets of the serpent kingdom according to the Maya. I’m guessing George R. Martin was familiar with the story of the Tzolkin, the 13 Moons, and the Maya because he heavily invoked it’s archetypes in his novels. The difference is the Maya are not fictional and neither is the Tzolkin or it’s synchronicity. It’s all very real.

“According to Tomas Barrientos, co-director of excavations and investigations at the site, the altar depicts King Chak Took Ich’aak, La Corona’s ruler, “sitting and holding a scepter from which emerge two patron gods of the city.” (Corona means Crown and is the first word in Corona Virus. The virus is mostly affecting people’s heads and the brain. Synchronicity)

The 1.46-meter by 1.2-meter slab contains also a hieroglyphic Mayan inscription corresponding to May 12, 544. Based on this and other discoveries researchers have been able to  determine that King Chak Took Ich’aak also governed the nearby city of El Peru-Waka some 20 years later. Barrientos says these pieces of evidence show that the Kaanul dynasty, or Serpent Kingdom, developed a political movement in La Corona that allowed them to defeat their Tikal “arch rivals” in 562 and thereafter rule the Mayan lowlands in southeast Mesoamerica for two centuries.”

  • The Theme is Red 8 Serpent or galactic Serine
  • The analog is White 8 Wizard or galactic Lysine
  • The Guide Power is Red 8 Moon or galactic Methionine, the Start codon for amino acid sequences
  • The antipode is Blue 8 Eagle of galactic Arginine
  • The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 6 Warrior or Rythmic Histidine

Red Serpent is the evolutionary child of Red Dragon. For some reason it lost its wings and legs or appendages. Red Serpent attributes are; survival, instinct, life-force passion, resourceful, sensual, extremist and charismatic. Mediating planet is Maldek for with it’s destruction, Pluto which rules Scorpio came into the picture.

Look at this synchronicity, which I have found with every Tzolkin archetype and their corresponding amino acid;

L-Serine. L-serine is an amino acid essential for the synthesis of phosphatidylserine, which is a component of the membrane of brain cells (i.e., neurons). It can be produced in the body, including the brain, but an external supply from the diet is essential in maintaining necessary levels.

The Dreamspell says we are by the Dragon born which is Tribe number 1. The by Tribe 5 we are at Red Serpent.

“To prepare for the magic, first serpent cast the wavespell of life force. For thirteen steps the life force climbed its way through the first quarter of the castle of burning.”

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