Tuesday. We are now in the Mystic Central Column

The Tzolkin Harmonic

Dragon energy is in our spines! It’s the source of our body grounding. The central column of the body is the CNS or cent e al nervous system. It co sists of the brain and spine which houses the spinal cord. It’s a dragon that needs to be tamed with focus in meditation so that we can become co-creators. This Dragon doesn’t project outward it projects inward; Tone 4, Self-Existing.

In the Tzolkin the central column is kin 121-140. Right in the center of the mystic column is Harmonic 33. That’s mystical also.

I’ve already done some work on it. HF 33 is kin 129, 130, 131, and 132. White 13 Dog is smack dab center and is kin 130; Cosmic Love, loyalty, enduring in order to love, it seals the process of heart with the presence of cosmic loyalty and love or who some people would call God or Source. It’s guided by timelessness or eternity.

This harmonic is it’s own INVERSE and that illuminates how our DNA proteins fold in every cell of our bodies. I use the coordinate 33:10:13:130 which incorporate the power of 5 and the reiteration of 13. You can see the preponderance of 3, 1, and 0 through it. The Trinity, Source and 0 are infinity or in Mayan MATH, exponential TIME. That’s eternity or the existence of multi-dimensional DNA forever. That’s us. 0=20 in the Tzolkin. 0 is Yellow Sun Tribe and 20 is the amino acid Proline. They are both STOP CODONS in our cells.

I know this doesn’t sound very scientific but actually it is. It is on the heart hinge, the thoracic spine generally and specifically, T7 and to some degree down to T10. The rear and front HEART chakras are controlled and aligned by Kin 130; White 13 Dog. Did you notice the anagram of dog? Spelled backward it’s god or God.

The DNA is a binary triplet radial polarized spiral some of the time. Actually it contorts in all different manner as it evolves and mutates to a great degree by us. Our choices and habits of thought, feeling and action have been proven to change our very powerful mitochondrial DNA which when charged up changes the oxygen and ATP levels available to our muscle tissue to burn energy (food). Regular aerobic movement is probably the most beneficial and spiritual activity you can do for your entire body, especially your heart and brain. I feel like a kid again after a good workout.

The mystic column is headed up by today’s Red 4 Dragon or Self-Existing primordial mother and blood memory, kin 121. Who is our primordial mother? The earth and the tribe of beings that seeded us here; The Red Dragon Tribe. In fact there is a Dragon Family in China that is revered as the founding family of all the Chinese much as the Reptilian Family was revered by the Europeans as the monarchy. The Reptilians are the ones pushing A.I. or artificial intelligence. In no way is A.I. good for humanity and I don’t support it at all.

Those days are over with the current Disclosure happening about the condoned pedophilia and incest of the elite headed up to a great degree by the these families. It’s Luciferian. None of this religion! It’s just part of Earth history and the vie for power over how things progress here. It’s a complicated story. Many are being arrested and our financial system is currently being rocked because the U.K. funded our Federal Reserve. And we all know the multiple layers of trouble with China right now. My point is, underlying the political trouble with Europe and China is America’s contracts and relationships with the E.T.’s, our cosmic ancestors.

The human race is safe and much of it has been quelled already. But our life on the surface of the earth doesn’t have to be this chaotic. Much has been kept from us about our ancestry and military tech that is supposed to used for all of humanity. We are highly valued in the Universe; loved even. But most humans don’t feel that way because of the greed of the elite and suppression of vast amounts of information. They are getting IN THE WAY of humans having a better life. No one knows what’s going to happen, but military insider reports say the Draco and the Reptilians are very real. They are E.T.’s and were here before us. Most E.T., animals and plants were here before us. The humans are fairly new here as an evolving species and we’ve been helped along by all the former. The Draco, Dragon Tribe ancestors have been routed for now. That is a recent occurrence.

  1. The Theme is Red 4 Dragon or 4 Cysteine
  2. The Analog is White 4 Mirror or 4 Tyrosine
  3. The Guide Power is Red 4 Earth or 4 Phenylalanine
  4. The Antipode is Blue 4 Monkey or 4 Asparagine
  5. The Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 10 Sun or 10 Stop Codon

Molecular Line-Up

The 5GForce is Blue 10 Storm or 10 Tryptophan which sometimes functions as a stop codon when there’s been a mutation.

Nucleotide UGA can be found in the mRNA of Cysteine/Red Dragon as mitochondrial human DNA Tryptophan, not a Stop Codon, when the human host willingly changes their own DNA via epigenetics. That is scientific fact. Our birth DNA does not control our destiny, it just gave us our bodies. After we’re born, we have the power to harness our own inner dragon and be whatever we want to be. But you have to focus and work at it.

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