Daily Reading; Blue 2 Polar Stor. If We Know What We Don’t Want We Can Narrow the Field of What We Do Want

Tone 2, Polar/Lunar is about Dualism and polarization in order to stabilize. There is a mountain of polarization all around us right now; partisanship Pub and Dem, Mask-No Mask, Fearful vs. Confident, Truth vs. Lies, healthy vs. unhealthy, and onward. Don’t we get bored with polarization? I do. But knowing what you don’t want helps you laser focus on what you DO want so you can set your intentions more directly and accomplish something.

I’ve written extensively over ten years on this blog about using your feelings as road signs but not a map. The antipode today is Red 2 Moon, the Moon is Square Libra and the archetype for Libra is the Scales. Our challenge and gift today is to try to find a modicum of balance in our feelings.

The Goddess Justice or maybe Athena

There is the Goddess of Justice on the right. I love that she has the sword in her hand. She picked that up yesterday as an archetype of White Mirror. Yesterday was White 1 Mirror or magnetic discernment. Notice she has the blindfold on too so that she does not make decisions based on gender or cultural bias. That’s like music auditions for orchestras taking place behind a screen because professional orchestras are notorious for being all male. It’s very easy to observe the boy’s club in every profession showing that the men want to get away from the women so they can focus. Women are relegated to “a role” for men for that very reason. We are extremely distracting for them. The fact being that when a woman walks into a room of males, all the attention goes to her if she is the least bit attractive. Men are hard-wired. Such is not the case with a man walking into a room full of women. We’re looking but by no means are we distracted. Women are very able to focus and get their work done no matter what profession they work in.

Today is Blue 2 Storm whose attributes are catalyzing, Energy, and Self-generation along with the Tone 2 attributes. There is a Virgo feel or Mercurial feel to Blue Storm as well, maybe because Pluto is SO far away and has had its identity messed with lately. I don’t know if it’s back in the solar system club or not. Speaking of justice, I’m pretty sure that was all politics.

Astrological Synchronicity

The Moon continues its transit of Libra today, and we seek fairness and harmony. There can be some restlessness or competing ambitions and needs to manage. We can see a more sober side of Libra with the Moon’s square to Pluto and then Saturn this afternoon. This is in synchronicity with Blue Storm∞Yellow Sun having PLUTO as their mediating planet. The urge or need to socialize and connect with our relationship goals can seem to clash with our ambitions and responsibilities. A Jupiter-Neptune long-term transit perfects tomorrow, and we’re inclined to seek and find inspiration.” -Cafe Astrology

Jupiter and Neptune mediate Yellow Seed∞Blue Eagle and Red Dragon∞White Mirror. More likely this is karma related. Also, Red 2 Moon is the antipode today so the Libra Moon is square to that as well calling for a need to stabilize emotions.


  • The theme in the center is Blue 2 Storm-Tryptophan
  • Analog on the Right is Yellow 2 Sun-the Stop Codon
  • Guide Power above is Blue 2 Monkey-Asparagine
  • Antipode on the left is Red 2 Moon-Methionine the start codon
  • Hidden Wisdom below is White 12 Wind-Glycine
  • 5GForce is Red 12 Dragon or Cysteine

I see in our mediating Amino Acid Tryptophan (Blue Storm), the hexagram and pentagram of Saturn and Jupiter. That is a DNA FINGERPRINT in our cells because they helped us regroup and survive once we escaped to Earth as refugees post-Maldek disaster. The proof of this disaster is the asteroid belt that is literally there today. How do we feel about the 12:60 intervention now?

We see the 12:60 intervention/control in our institutions of government and the Church. Do we really still need those to control our dysfunction? Did our dysfunction cause the Maldek blow up? I think it did. It’s well known that many humans feel much more secure if they have an authority figure over them telling them what to do because their brains are not yet fully civilized. We see that playing out right now as we speak and I think all of this has been a test to see who is in control of themselves and who is not.

Once a majority of humans no longer need the control of 12:60 our sun will fully relay 13:20 to our planet, our original coordinate for the earth. Don’t wait. Follow along with a 13:20 app today. They even have wall art/calendars if you prefer but the time is past to have your mind aligned with 13:20 so we can be done with this polarization and live unified amidst diversity.



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