Daily Reading; Chasing a Vision of Your Better Self

Spectral Vision, Tone 11 is releasing, dissolving, and awakening

We all have things about ourselves we’d like to improve. That’s something that we have to do ourselves but sometimes it’s helpful to be inspired by someone else although that has never been the case for me. I know it devolves into ego competition so I just don’t do it. I hold myself to my own high standards; I don’t hold anyone else to them.

It starts out as positive admiration and respect between people, maybe even love. But humans, being mostly ego, it can quickly turn into a competition. You think that a person is a mirror of you in some way and that you have an affinity. It’s not because everyone is different and has applied themselves either more or less. It can quickly become coveting who that person is and what they have and then competing with them. You’ve corded them like a child to a parent or siblings on an energy level to take the energy that you don’t think you have and can’t generate from within yourself (Blue Storm). They let you do it probably from tremendous pressure from our society to let ourselves be vampired on by our family members and friends. It’s the sacrifice narrative that runs very deep in the cabal because of the 12:60 timing frequency. It leads to addiction (lack, never enough) and co-dependency. You can’t be alone or don’t like to be alone. You have to suck energy off of others. Don’t do that.

They’re not supposed to let you do it to them. They’re supposed to let you know in some kind way to myob. We’re just sharing with one another. We’re not supposed to feed off of one another’s energy like a baby breastfeeding. It’s incredibly dysfunctional.

Sometimes being inspired by someone just means you want to compete with them. Competition is a bit of an illusion because there is plenty to go around and you can’t compare two people’s lives to each other thus there is no competition. We’re all very different and have paid the piper different amounts based on our choices.

Ultimately, we’re competing with a vision of who we want to be and who we really are, so be careful projecting or offloading that onto others. Just look in the mirror and be honest with yourself if you really want power over your life.

Attributes of Blue 11 Eagle are; Releasing, Liberation, dissolve, create, mind, and vision.

5GForce is Red 3 Serpent;

I activate in order to survive. Bonding instinct I seal the store of life fore with the electric tone of service. I am guided by the power of universal water. I am a polar kin. I establish the red galactic spectrum.-The Dreamspell

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