Channeling in Meditation is Quite Common

We are sitting in manifested receptiveness today which could be clairaudience which is psychic hearing, clairvoyance is psychic seeing or remote viewing, clairsentience is psychic feeling which is not the same as empathy, clairalience is psychic smelling, clarigustance is clear tasting. and claircognizance is clear knowing but that’s not the same as being prophetic or prescient. I experience clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and prescience. I also know how to turn it off though so I can focus on my own projects. Usually, when you turn the others on you start picking up all the static of our planet and it’s like having the T.V. on. No thanks. I am not entertained by being in a psychic airport which is why I don’t get high or drunk.

Using drugs opens up all of your chakras and you become a psychic garbage can. It’s not good for you. I get plenty of information from the ethers being fully conscious and focused in meditation. I’ve never been an advocate of drug use for that reason. In my opinion, if the males have such trouble receiving psychic information as women do, they might consider opening their HEART CHAKRA. It’s just as taboo for women to have their crown chakra fully open and enlighten their minds as it is for a man to have his heart chakra open and really love. It might not be normal on earth but it is throughout the Universe. We have some catching up to do.

Our programming from society and the media is going to pop in here and JUDGE what is happening. Do your best to set it aside and observe what you are picking up. The meaning of it may come later. ALL humans are naturally psychic. Our psychic senses are one of the things that have been psyop’d out of us by the elite so that we’re not empowered. Empowered humans don’t make good SLAVES. That’s where the psychiatrists and big pharma come in. It’s their job to keep us drugged so we don’t have multidimensional experiences in True Time and if we do we are supposed to believe we’re crazy. Yeah, that gig is UP! They are the Time Thieves and it’s over for them.

The Jaguar is a Mayan archetype of the Wizard or magician. She is a female priestess.

Tone 10 attributes are; producing, manifestation and perfecting. This kin are workaholics and finish a project to the end.

White Wizard attributes; enchantment, receptivity, and timelessness. This kin are very psychic, intelligent, aligned with divine will and J.C., magicians or musicians sensitive heart knowing, shaman and spiritual. The cat is an archetype. Men who love cats are a certain type of fella.

White 10 Wizard Themeplex
  1. White 10 Wizard Theme; Lysine
  2. Red 10 Serpent Analog; Serine
  3. White 10 Wind Guide Power; Glycine
  4. Yellow 10 Seed Antipode; Valine
  5. Blue 4 Hand Hidden Wisdom; Isoleucine


Valine and Isoleucine, Yellow Seed, and Blue Hand look almost exact. Well, the Blue Hand tribe came to this planet TO SEED a new way of evolution for the Human Tribe of Earth. My mother, sister, and aunt are Yellow Seed and Blue Hand raised by Red Serpent (my grandma) and they are AVID gardeners and appreciate nature TO THE MAX! They understand how to organize and beautify with all the carbon.

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