Humans Live in All the Dimensions Right Now

The credit for this image in in the far left corner in very small letters.

Today is Yellow 8 Galactic Human. Humans and Earth are ALREADY Galactic in vibration. It’s just a matter of perceiving it, feeling it, focusing on it and not taking it for granted. What would you perceive if you were to recognize that you’re galactic?

  1. You’re conscious, awake, you see through your eyes, when you think about it, your body responds and gets up and moves. There is nothing to take for granted there. We’re not a robot or a machine where someone flips a switch or turns on our program. We think it and we do it. That’s amazing right there.
  2. You can watch your breathing in and out and feel your heartbeat!
  3. You have an innate desire to feel pleasure in your body
  4. We are able to reminisce on our past and think about what felt good and what didn’t. Which choices set us on a good path and which ones didn’t.
  5. We’re able to make the choice to be aware of how right now is different than the past or possibly the future. We’re able to be aware of how time is moving as evolution via our minds.
  6. We’re curious about new places, people, creativity, the universe and want to learn more.
  7. When you meditate and get on a mental and emotional beam that feels good, you put out an intention and desire and within time, it manifests in 3D.

3D Senses Only, Materialistic Belief that this is all there is because that’s all you perceive. You’re spiritually dead or asleep. That’s a normal human that has galactic energy in them but they don’t want to bother activating it. When enough people are like this, the earth suffers with the rest of life on the planet.

  1. I’m hungry and thirsty
  2. I’m horny
  3. I have to go to the bathroom
  4. I’m tired
  5. I need some money
  6. I wouldn’t invite myself to a party
  7. How could that person or thing be useful to me?
  8. You judge and make fun of people who aren’t like you or who are happy
  9. Very low self-esteem

So, seriously. There may be some people in between these two extremes but either you have a passion for life and want to co-create it and are actually doing it and know how to or you’re doing the second batch of mischief and likely defining yourself and your friends through politics and living a life of chaos that is full of unhealthy habits.

The 5Gforce is Yellow 6 Star; “I organize in order to beautify. Balancing art I seal the store of elegance with the rhythmic tone of equality. I am guided by my own power doubled.”

Kin 112, HF 28, Sun/Decrease I Ching

The theme is Yellow 8 Human; Glutamic Acid

The analog is Blue 8 Hand; Isoleucine

The Guide Power is Yellow 8 Warrior; Histidine

The Antipode is White 8 Wind; Glycine

The Hidden Wisdom is Red 6 Moon; Methionine


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