Saturday Reading; Let’s Make some Blue 7 Monkey Mischief

This is a play day, which we all need. Whenever it’s Tone 7, whatever you think, do, or feel will boomerang like a voice in a cave. It echos so choose wisely. Tone 7 is actually also aligned with 12:60, the coordinate earth was forced into by Jupiter and Saturn. Since 7 was right in the middle of the Creative Tones it had the resonant effect for 12:60 that they were looking for in order to control things down here. That’s how 7 came to be considered LUCKY but 13 was UNLUCKY. There is no such thing as luck. But the fact is 13 is far more balanced and powerful for earth than 7 is. 13 also equalizes the power between female and male which is THE NORM throughout the galaxy. Earth is the odd one out there because of the time theft and we have much to correct. Our gender imbalance problem is toxic and anti-social.

Kin 111 is quite synchronized with the 11:11 phenom! The attributes for Blue Monkey are Play, illusion and magic. Blue monkey is artistic, spontaneous, trickster, innocent, humorous, extraordinary, divine clown, curious, co-creator of a higher life, transparent, and communicative.


Resonant Tone 7 is about inspiration, attunement, and channeling.

The analog is Yellow 7 Star; beautification, art, and elegance

The Guide power is yourself; Blue 7 Night is dream, intuition and abundance

The antipode is Red 7 Dragon; nurture, being, and birth

The Hidden Wisdom is White 7 Dog; Love, Loyalty, and Heart

Kin #111
  1. Blue Monkey is Asparagine
  2. Yellow Star is Leucine
  3. Blue Night is Alanine
  4. Red Dragon is Cysteine
  5. White Dog is Aspartic Acid


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