The Matrix of Self-Generation with Blue Storm

The Tzolkin, spirituality, and me talk quite a bit about self-generation, self-existing, taking care of and loving yourself. The Tone 8, the galactic way is to become a CO-CREATOR with the CREATOR. That’s why.

Unless you know and feel the intrinsic power of your body, mind, and heart, you can’t hope to be a free citizen of a country or a planet. On the heels of July 4th, freedom is not found through politics or religion. It’s found through the body and the focus of the mind and heart on what you want your life in the body to be. Any institution that teaches you otherwise needs to be boycotted in a big way.

We live in a rough and tumble holographic 3D matrix where humans get lost in the experience of the five sense and call that REAL. That is incorrect. The five sense are fun, very fun and why most of us are in the body, but they are not full reality in any way. Our bodies are multidimensional, thus we have dreams that manifest, telepathy, psychic experiences, deja vu, prescient dreams, intuition and daily synchronicity. All of that is beyond the five senses.

Earth is an experimental decimal planet and I believe what we’re doing here is seeing how far we can go with these bodies, adjusting, changing, focusing into Light and Love the way many of our masters who walked to planet taught us and demonstrated for us. They never said to do EXACTLY what they do. We are individuals and are not called to mimic anyone. The whole idea is to come up with something original.


  1. Blue 8 Storm the theme is phenylalanine (Self-generation)
  2. Yellow Sun, the analog is the stop codon that terminates the amino acid sequence
  3. Blue Night, the Guide Power is alanine, mediated by Saturn
  4. Red Moon, the antipode challenge is methionine, the start codon of the A.A. sequence
  5. White Wind, the Hidden Wisdom is glycine mediated by URANUS whose time tunnel was BLOCKED by Jupiter and Saturn.


Alanine and glycine are almost the same. Alanine, mediated by Saturn, has an extra carbon atom. And for that extra carbon atom maybe Saturnians feel we owe them a good portion of our Dreamspell by staying in the frequency of 12:60? No, we don’t.

With the current alignments with Saturn and Jupiter, I see the end of THAT DEAL foisted on on us with the theme WALLED IN by the Start codon and the Stop codon. Alanine-Saturn is handing it over and we have a thing or two to say about it (WHITE WIND)

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