Daily Reading; Solar System Line-ups Support Cosmic Exam Time

White 7 Mirror Tyrosine-Neptune is RESONANT INNER Examination

White 7 Mirror, is surrounded by ALL SEVENS, 7 Red Dragon, 7 White Dog, 7 Yellow Star, and 7 Alanine are giving us a multidimensional push to BROADEN our perspective PAST the local neighborhood of Earth and our dynamic solar system and realize that forces that come to bear on us lately are UNIVERSAL.

You can see the full astrological lineup here.


The 5th-dimensional GForce today; Please use in meditation.

I channel in order to communicate. Inspiring Breath I seal the input of spirit with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of timelessness.

I have a different take on what’s happening this weekend per Jose Arguelles and the Dreamspell. I quote;

“Both Earth and Saturn have two planetary orbits on either side of them. As long as JUPITER and SATURN held the power of Maldek and Mars, the channel between Earth and Uranus was CLOSED. Only the 13:260 ratio of timeship Earth could restore the connection between Earth and Uranus.

In that vital moment during the magic flight from the 208th step of cosmic star toward moon genesis, another spell was cast. Instead of the 13:260 ratio already stored deep within the crystal core of Timeship earth, the planetary kin received the 12:60 ratio, the dark Dreamspell of History. The promise of galactic time magic and cosmic selfhood was stolen from the planetary kin.

The purpose of the twelve was to erase all memory of the Monkey genesis when the planetary kin, men and women equal in their magic powers, lived by the thirteen moons. So the thirteenth moon was DISMEMBERED and added on as extra days to the calendar of twelve.

This absorption of the thirteen into the twelve was called an improvement by the male imposter priests hypnotized by the combined powers of JUPITER and SATURN. it takes twelve years for Jupiter to orbit the sun. It takes sixty years for Jupiter and Saturn to be Conjunct.

Twelve times five equals 60, one sixth of the flat three hundred sixty degree circle. The difference between twelve and five is SEVEN. While the priests of the calendar of ancient Babylon banished the power of the thirteen moons, they replaced that power with the POWER OF SEVEN. (Not good and not lucky on earth. It probably is on Jupiter and Saturn).

While the twelve diminished the power of thirteen by one, the sixty raised the power of twenty by three. A seeming increase in power occurred but an increase only on the flat plane of third-dimensional time to which the planetary kin were now consigned.

With the banishment of the thirteen moons, the fourth-dimensional time magic of the planetary kin became the property of the priest class. Setting up religions and governments to maintain the kin within the third dimension, the priests were assured that anyone having fourth-dimensional experiences either be appropriated by religion and government or else be destroyed.” (The purpose of psychiatry and toxic vaccination).

The Dreamspell, pages 8-9

There is far more to the story in the book. https://www.amazon.com/Dreamspell-Journey-Timeship-Earth-2013

Resonant spirituality is tied in with the power of 13 and the sharing of power between women and men. 13 is for MEN and women. 12 imprisons them both. Today’s mantra is;

I channel in order to reflect. Inspiring Order I seal the matrix of endlessness with the resonant tone of attunement. I am guided by the power of HEART.

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