Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars All Over the Place

WEEHAWKEN, NJ. – JULY 4: The New York City skyline is seen in the distance as fireworks explode over the Hudson River during the Macy’s fireworks display July 4, 2009 in Weehawken, New Jersey. It was the first time since 2000 that the Macy’s display took place over the Hudson River and not the East River. (Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images)

Yellow 5 Warrior has Saturn as it’s mediating planet. Guiding it though is Yellow 5 Seed which is governed by Jupiter. The rest of the themeplex is Mars. In addition, Jupiter is aligned with Pallas. This asteroid was named after Pallas Athena, daughter of Jupiter (better known as Zeus). She was a goddess of warfare, wisdom, skill, and strategy so that is an exact synchronicity with Yellow 5 Warrior in the Tzolkin.

Tone 5 is the overtone of radiance, beauty, command, and empowerment. They are the coaches of the Tzolkin and instill self-esteem, hard work, and discipline in the players.

The 5th dimensional GForce is Yellow 9 Seed;

I pulse in order to target. Realizing awareness I seal the input of flowering with the solar tone of intention. I am guided by the power of universal fire.

It looks to me like we can keep our chins up and re-work the meaning of this holiday weekend given our current national situation. The truth is, the U.S. is NOT very independent from England. Their money funded the Federal Reserve. I’m not sure what the situation is now. Neither are we very independent from one another. We are dependent on one another, especially physically. When it comes to viruses, our immune system functions as ONE and we are being prevented from doing that right now due to biased illusions about being separate from other human beings or the value of human cultural groups compared to others.


Notice the synchronicity of the pentagon as a shape in the histidine molecule that is known as Yellow Warrior. Alanine and valine, the analog and guide power are almost exactly the same as are Threonine and Serine, the antipode and hidden wisdom.

Yellow 5 Warrior Themeplex

Histidine is in the center, Alanine is on the right as the analog, Valine is above as the guide power, threonine is on the left as the antipode and Serine is underneath as the Hidden Wisdom.

Yellow Warrior, Blue Night, Yellow Seed, White World-bridger, and Red Serpent.

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    1. My Mayan cosmology comes from me. The Tzolkin was not created by Jose and I interpret it myself based on what I’ve read in Mayan archeology. I have read much of Jose’s work as well as Dr. Fernando Castro Chavez and Rohaan Solare. The astrology is from an online astrologer. I read across many authors and genres and have my own 30 years of experience with tracking synchronicity.

    2. As far as calculations, I’m picking up where Jose left off. He didn’t get too close to the DNA/RNA piece or molecular biology. I am. It will all be in my book, “DNA is Time”. Jose implied that all over the place in his writing but he never said it succinctly. I’m going to say it and hopefully prove it.

  1. I followed Mayan Astrology / Cosmology for a time. I discovered through current Mayan Time Keepers that Arguelies calculations has major errors in it – though his logic is sound. Even when he admitted his errors when confronted he refused to publicly correct them. After research in 2010 I found an app that does the Mayan Astrology correctly. I don’t know if its still available, it’s called “Chac” – Warren Anderson. I am a shaman and professional Western Astrologer.

    1. I knew you were going to say he was wrong. I’m very intuitive. He’s not the only one I look at and I’ve heard others disagree with him as well. You all got your way. He died with barely any respect or people aware of his work. Humans are very territorial and competitive.

    2. I use Jose’s book “Earth Ascending” and understand every bit of it and his calculations. If you can digest that info., you’ll understand Jose. It’s very complicated.

  2. I’m probably missing something about your piece when you jump into the discourse about DNA. I don’t follow how their connected to – well anything. For example there’s no link to any original explanation. Do you have one? Or can you send me somewhere in your blog that can explain it?

    1. The 20 Tzolkin archetypes are the representations of the 20 amino acids per some of Joses allusions and the specifics of Dr. Fernando Chavez work. He is a friend. His paper is on NCBI. The IChing Hx are binary code for ACGT as well. It’s vety ckmplicated and my discoveries are copyrighted. Feel free to join my FB group Time Science and Art

    2. I’ve been working on this for 30 years and blogging on it for 10 so you’ll need to sift through at least the last 3 months of my blog posts. I will be adding a reading section soon. Stay tuned.

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