Tuesday. Where is Your Integrity These Days?

Tuesday; White 8 galactic Worldbridger

White 8 Worldbridger is about modeling integrity in order to forgive, equalize, balance, and create harmony. Tone 8 is essentially two 4’s so it’s double grounding.

Attributes are; Modeling, integrity, harmonize. Equalize Opportunity and Change/Death

Mediating planet is Mars. Also, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune are all retrograde as of today so if thought things had slowed down now they are at a crawl.

Integer is a root word for integrity. Integers are whole numbers, not fractions and that applies to Tzolkin Mathematics. There are only whole numbers in this system. Something with integrity is a thing complete within itself. Where is your wholeness these days?

This is really ONE Circle. The lines are imaginary.

My wholeness has always been in meditation between Spirit and myself. It’s never been any different for me and is now stronger in fact. My life has improved during this event, not gotten worse. Every aspect of my life has improved because I never have invested any faith in our false society, it’s authority or cliques. I never watch T.V. and no way would I believe anything broadcast on it!

Our media and institutions are doing their best to pull apart our minds and keep us distant from one another under a false paradigm. They are lying about the danger of this virus to procrastinate disclosing what’s been hidden from us for 100 years. It’s extremely obvious to those that are not afraid to see the truth of how psychologically manipulated the public is. None of the powers that be are to be trusted…at all.

Your wholeness has to manifested by you alone, in meditation. It’s never been any different for humans for a million years of evolution. Solace in a family or other domestic group is temporary and usually ends in conflict. The same is true of a mating relationship. It’s futile to believe you can find wholeness by attaching to someone else and events in our world prove it.

“I harmonize in order to equalize. Modeling opportunity I seal the store of death with the galactic tone of integrity. I am guided by the power of heart.”

The Dreamspell for White 8 Worldbridger


Once again, we have two molecules in synchronicity with one another looking almost identical. I believe this is the core or the crossover polarity action in the binary triplet configuration in each DNA molecule. It could very well be the key to understanding protein folding.

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