Big Change of Direction Today on Many Fronts

The mediating planet today is Pluto (which rules Scorpio) and we have a Mars-Pluto sextile today so that helps us commit and be determined to go in this new direction.

  • In the planetary holon (body) we just turned on the Galactic-Karmic In breath the other day on Blue 1 Storm, Tone 1.
  • We also started and new 13-day cycle on that day.
  • Today we enter a new 4-day harmonic family as well called “Opposition and Exhaustion”.
  • Add to that Mercury just stationed and will now go retrograde.
  • One last thing is a very difficult spring is ending and the first day of summer is in a couple days.
  • June 20th 2020  11:41 pm PDT 
  • June 21st 2020 6:41 am GMT  | 5:41 pm AEDT
  • Total “Ring of Fire” Solar ECLIPSE on the  SOLSTICE  with a NEW MOON at 0 degrees of Cancer, as well as the other alignments present, make this a rare “seed” moment turning point. Yellow 6 Seed occurs on the Summer Solstice, June 21st. Synchronicity.
Sunflowers are always perfect.

I’ve been watching all of this drama and turnabout for thirty years so honestly, I’m non-plussed. This is a rumbling planet in every way and I enjoy it mostly. People come and go, are born and die, society changes and more. Humans are very distracted by outside drama and this is a detriment. But always, always, we have our bodies. Our own body is controlled by our mind and heart and there are myriad forces that would like to program it and hijack it for profit. There are myriad people who will offload their toxic energy into your sacred space if you LET THEM because they have not done their personal work to uplift their brain. It’s not your problem it’s theirs. Check and Avoid. The martial arts can come in handy.

The purpose of the Mayan information is to empower and educate you to make your time each day your own. Time is Art. Time is NOT money. When you see that this matrix is a temporary illusion and Love and Free Will are real, humans are ONE family with all animals and life on the planet you will be waking up.

Our world is made up of invisible energies and thoughts that are filled with Time and Intention. They coalesce to become a holographic matrix approachable with the 5 senses for those that are spiritually asleep. It gives you time to ponder things and be a good student. Read some books!

For those that are awake, every new day is an adventure and it’s rare that one’s daily events become scripted and boring. People who live in a mental and spiritual prison will have a hard time understanding the Mayan information. It speaks to artists, musicians, light workers, creative people, writers, and healers. You have to use your intuition and imagination to wake up to the higher dimensions. Most people would rather fit in. You have to be willing to be judged and called names by indolent followers who obey. Names like; crazy, screw loose, out-of-touch, not in reality, un-grounded, non-compliant, selfish, and uncooperative. The list could be endless and I ignore them all because every day I get confirmation from the universe that I’m on track and my life and body literally improve. That, and my grounding, money, work, basic life and taking care of my body are all there. People that are truly mentally ill and off track are chaotic and have chaotic, addicted lives. I don’t. My life is super orderly and sober.

This is ancient information, like so much esoteric knowledge, requires you to be a good student and be drawn to it rather than need it explained and handed to you. If you are drawn to it, pick up some books, get on google, put an app on your phone and see what others have to say about it. Many don’t interpret things the way I do but on the basics, we all agree. My approach is totally unique and I’m proud of it. Science may not be terribly easy for some but it is for me, I love it and that’s what I’m doing because I want to.

Our current science is inaccurate because they don’t have an accurate understanding of TIME and the context within which we really live. That, and there are a mountain of secrets kept by our military that need to be disclosed about our ancient ancestors. We’ll see if things finally come out in the open.


Cysteine has the Sulfur molecule we saw the other day while seine has the Oxygen molecule. Otherwise they are they same. Indeed, they are related in attributes. Tyrosine looks like a Saturnian stepping stone to me as far as evolution because of that hexagon in the molecule. The HO is the same as Maldekian Serine.

Asparagine or Blue 3 Monkey is the antipode and releases a new evolution on the planet up to Galactic Center via the Stop Codon in the sequencing which is Yellow 11 Sun. Spectral is the chaotic gene that got in there for humans and it has yet to weed itself out.

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