Wednesday-Looking at Glutamine∞Threonine

They’re analog in the Tzolkin and almost identical as molecules. Threonine has more Hydrogen and a Carbon atom. As far as attributes, they are both mediated by Mars and are transformers and explorers. But Skywalker moves much quicker, is more assertive and not nearly as grounded or community oriented. Skywalkers like to work alone. We are socially principled but we fly high above the normal radar, like out in the stratosphere.

Here are the other molecules moving as Guide power, antipode, and Hidden wisdom.;

Notice that all five are exactly the same on the right half. Leucine is quite the mover and shaker with two identical Hydrogen-Carbon molecule on the left side chain. Alanine is the same but it just has one. Phenylalanine (Red Earth) has the hexagon in there which denotes a Saturn influence.

I’ll post more later. We just had a tropical storm and the power is out.

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