Tuesday Reading; Humans Can Resonate with their own Inner Healing; Yellow 7 Human

7 Resonant Glutamic Acid-Earth
  • Code0-19; 18:12:7:72
  • Mediating Planet is Earth
  • 5GForce is Yellow 7 Star or Resonant Art, beauty, and harmony
  • Mayan archetypes in the themeplex: Yellow 7 Human, Blue 7 Hand, Yellow 7 Seed, White 7 Wind, and Red 7 Moon
  • Amino Acids evolving in the themeplex; Glutamic Acid, Isoleucine, Valine, Glycine, and Methionine
  • Attributes of this themeplex for the day; Some humans are inspiring and channeling attunement. They are leading by example.

This themeplex reminds me of a farmer’s almanac; humans, hand to the plow tilling the soil, planting seeds, waiting for the wind, sun, and moon to set the natural elements in alignment until the seeds sprout and grow. It is a very sacred human cycle that likely took our ancestors successive generations to learn.

They tend to be the Blood type A people who incidentally are the only natural vegetarians. The Blood types O, B, and AB want at least “some” meat only because it’s in our unconscious ancestral memory that there was a threatening moment when humans had no food. There was drought and famine and we had to resort to killing animals, mammals that were like us. By doing that, we survived. But it is absolutely true that humans do not need to eat meat and for most of our evolution we have NOT eaten meat. I am B+ which is a rare blood type and occasionally I crave meat but I am doing my best to be mainly vegan. Sometimes my craving for meat is overwhelming though which I feel is a blood lust of some type. Again, it’s in our DNA.

We came here from other places so humans were not naturally agrarians. We had to learn it. The Yellow human and Blue Hand tribe grounded us on the land and helped us learn to be independent and feed ourselves. Once we were able to do that we could have plenty to feed our neighbors as well or a system of trade arose.

None of this is very far back in our ancestral past and it could still be applied today. Humans still rely on the fruits of the earth, the sun, rain, wind, and seasonal changes to survive. Why? Because we have a body made of flesh. We are not cars or machines which our current sickcare system would like us to believe. We are natural, whole, organic humans made of flesh and blood whose bodily systems do and have always, function as ONE.

There are elements, people shall I say in our current world who resent the flesh, think it’s weak and we’d be better off if we had no blood or soul and were robotic or artificially intelligent instead. Well, that’s what they are and some of those species are failing. They want what humans have believe it or not. Maybe we’re not so weak. Maybe we’re coveted by other species. Rightly so! Our ancestors accomplished (Blue Hand) amazing feats by resonating (tone 7) and working together with all of our varied skills. We just have to calm down, communicate, talk, and cooperate instead of screaming at each other, rioting, fighting, and blaming.

We are at a huge pivotal point here where each individual, seriously, needs to keep to themselves and heal their own mind and heart and stop asking anyone else to fix it for them. We will always have different perceptions and skills. We will always be in different cultures and won’t fully understand each other. But…we can fully understand ourselves if we focus mostly on that and then share it responsibly in the community when we’ve calmed down enough and uplifted our intelligence enough.


We saw the other day that Leucine tended to have more carbon atoms than the theme and we see that with isoleucine as well. The earth is grounded in CARBON so that makes sense. Glutamic acid, the yellow human tribe has more oxygen molecules.

Again we see the tautomerism on the right with oxygen, oxygen-hydrogen, and nitrogen-hydrogen molecules in everything but glycine. Valine, being Yellow Seed is of course going to have more CARBON molecules. Look at glycine, White wind, full of oxygen. Methionine, Red Moon at the end has that little Sulfur molecule. What’s that about? Maybe sulfur tends to be in the Red tribes; Red Dragon, Red Serpent, Red Moon, Red Skywalker, and Red Moon because we had to collect the synergy from the surrounding atmosphere which was heavily sulfuric. Now it’s not. It’s duly noted that the very, very early evolution of our planet was bathed in sulfuric acid. Then through the wonderful cycle of photosynthesis, we turned green.

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