Daily Reading; Is Unity Possible? White 1 Worldbridger is Magnetic Death and Change

Code0-19; 17:1:6:66. There are too many six’s there. That’s rough energy.

5GForce; White 13 Cosmic Wizard. We need to receive timelessness and endlessness today from fifth dimensional awareness. The more grieving and grasping we do onto the old 3D and 4D way of life the worse our bodies will feel. I know this is difficult but the one thing for sure in life is CHANGE. White 1 Worldbridger is Magnetic Change and Death. I’m not into this anymore than anyone else is although because I’m a lightworker I have a full bag of good things and coping tools.

Mediating planets are Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter

Magnetic Threonine

The amino acids evolving are in the images below. The Tzolkin archetypes are White Worldbridger, Red Skywalker, Yellow Warrior and Blue Eagle.

I look at this particular glyph from the left, front facing half of a face. It’s a frown with eyes closed. Unity has not been possible in our galactic past if you read the channeled history or know any E.T. up close and personal. I read but I haven’t met any humanoids or ET’s that I know of. They’re just people so maybe it’s no big deal even if I have. I have listened to very cogent interviews of people who have hung out with them and worked with them though and still do work with them. They are not that different than us.

Humans have a storied past that is not all our fault. But now we have an opportunity to evolve our brains forward if only we would sit still, meditate, release negativity and focus our minds on a constructive, creative vision. That is today’s Hidden Wisdom; Blue 13 Eagle. No one will dictate this to us. We have the ability from within ourselves to create it.

There are also forces afoot that have been swinging down on humans for 100 years and they are hitting a wall. Humans either come forward en masse and get our priorities straight our they’ll do whatever they want with us. Since they’ve been the one programming us, there is psychological withdrawal going on among humans that are addicted to reacting to the dysfunctional household created by their leadership. We let them. We handed it over. I don’t even believe there’s going to be a national election. They will find a way to stop it.

If this sounds depressing, it’s because I just observe what groups of people do and I don’t have much faith in their ability to pull it out. I want to live and I’ve created a good life for myself but that’s because I worked at it and didn’t focus on rituals and human niches outside of my own life. I knew they would fail. It’s an intrinsic dissolution of self that’s not hard to see if you have eyes. When people don’t love their bodies or themselves and don’t take loving care of all of that, that’s the end! They did it to themselves. They didn’t have to follow societies programming and you actually have a duty not to.

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