Tuesday-Red 13 Cosmic Serpent floating to the surface

Quetzalcoatl, the rainbow feathered cosmic serpent represents our primary genetic emergence. From Earth Ascending by Jose Arguelles.

Code 0-19; 17:5:13:65

Mediating planet is Maldek, the current day asteroid belt, also called Tiamat before it was blown up by the Maldekians eons ago. It also blew off part of Mars which at the time, was it’s star.

We finish the Red 1 Skywalker 13-day cycle today with Red 13 Serpent with attributes of survival, instinct and life force all under the bequest of cosmic tone 13 vibration which transcends, endures, and has presence.

The analog is White 13 Wizard which advances enchantment, receptivity and timelessness with the same tone 13 attributes. But we are guided by Red 13 Moon composed of universal water, flow and purification which was all necessary and has been necessary for HUMAN EVOLUTION. It is possible to remember ourselves, our souls, feelings, and passions despite societal programming. This is not the energy of opinionated, rebellious, clever, political blather. This is real wisdom coming from an open heart, a balance of female and male in each person and an epic channeling of eternity IN OUR BODIES.

That’s what the ascension is and it’s not a joke. Human beings are super beings with super blood and the power of mind and heart focused on creative vision. Speaking of, that is the antipode for today; Blue 13 Eagle. Our challenge and our gift is that we do have the ability to use our mind for creative vision. Look at the artists, animators, musicians, writers and movie makers over time that have moved CGI to new heights to spiral our vision to galactic dimensions. I love sci-fi and Marvel. It’s fiction but what’s the source of fiction? How many fiction writers have really cloaked truths in the fiction so that it would be absorbed? Probably all of them. Maybe they weren’t even aware of it.

5GForce today is Blue 1 Eagle or magnetic vision from the fifth dimension

  1. Serine is Red Serpent
  2. Lysine is White Wizard
  3. Methionine, the Start Codon is Red Moon
  4. Arginine is Blue Eagle
  5. Histidine is Yellow Warrior

This is a primal mix of amino acids and as we saw yesterday, Lysine and Arginine team up and are talking to one another. I’m not a chemist so I don’t know what they are saying. I just know that in the Tzolkin, they don’t seem friendly. Lysine as White Wizard is a heart knowing shaman concerned with spirituality and Blue Eagle is an independent visionary who believes in themselves and is technically and scientifically inclined. There was the conflict between two castes on Maldek. They created such a conflagration that their tech blew up the planet. Yet looking at those two amino acids, they are so similar. It’s spooky.

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