Time Dilation

Nonsymmetric time dilation. From the local frame of reference of the blue clock, the red clock, being in motion, is perceived as ticking slower[10] (Exaggerated) It’s a representation of movement from 3D to 4D. I’m pondering what is entailed in moving from the 3D designation of each of the 64 harmonics to the 260-day cycle that is 4D and 5D. How does the RNA move in 4D? Maybe we go in circles.This phenom is why some days’ time feels like it’s moving faster and some days slower. In this image, it appears 3D is moving much faster than 4D but that’s probably not always the case. It reminds me of the earth’s rotation around the sun which in synchronicity, IS TIME.

Doesn’t it do your heart good to think about the fact that the intrinsic harmony of the Tzolkin programs all of this? It is deterministic (as my son likes to blather about) but there is free-will in the details.”Time dilation and length contraction – can be better described within the framework of a 3D space with time as the quantity used to measure change (i.e., photon motion) in this space.”

Time change is PHOTON MOTION. Photons are light. Yeah, the Sun. Earth’s rotation around the sun.Time is just change in the light.🧐

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