I’m Changing the Subject Matter of this Blog

Some of you may want to keep following me and check it out and some of you won’t. I understand. I enjoyed writing about intuition and relationships for ten years but I’m ready to move on now. I’ve been working on Time Science Research (TSR) for thirty years and it’s finally coalescing into a new book, “Time is DNA”. It seems to pique people’s interest when I mention it so you might want to stay tuned. Our DNA does directly affect our relationships and our destiny.

The Mayan sites on the Yucatan peninsula continue to be excavated. But what has been excavated reveals a culture that understood Time and Life in exponential cycles extremely accurately. The inscription they left there says they arrived as refugees on Earth from Venus. They even have their own version of mathematics; 0=20.

I have been studying synchronicity and the Tzolkin system for thirty years so there is much I will be sharing here. I hope to draw some open-minded scientists so we can test some of this in the lab. Mayan time science is multi-dimensional but we should be able to test a few of my theories regarding amino acid sequencing.

Every day I will be posting the Mayan 13 Moon calendar day we fall on and note how it is evolving our human RNA in a dynamic fashion. The RNA is mutable and the DNA is rigid in the center of the nucleus of every cell in our bodies but the two are intimately interwoven. While it’s true that each Tzolkin Harmonic Family has a nucleotide governing it and an inverse harmonic nucleotide balancing it, I have a theory that the 4 themeplexes in each of the 64 harmonics move the mRNA and the tRNA. I’m still putting that together though.

You will see some expository work that I do showing how the scientists have analyzed the amino acids to interact with one another as far as Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen,Oxygen covalent, and other bonds and what the Tzolkin has to say about that. Humans think we are so far ahead of the ancients but the fact is, so much of what the ancients left here for us has been hidden from the public and from science because of power, politics and money. Every scientist who has tried to put forth new information knows what I’m talking about.

Well, do we want to figure out protein-folding to create a new health care paradigm or not? Because the one we have now isn’t working for us. We need new information and then have the guts to put it out there to be used if it’s accurate. We’re not going to know unless we go into new territory.

This decision is occurring on Kin 55; Blue 3 Electric Eagle, My father-in-laws birth gateway whose 5GForce is his wife; Red 11 Serpent which heads up my inverse harmonic. Maybe this is my way of finding synchronicity with death, after death, after death from 2012 to 2016. I lost everybody. But that’s my analog; White 13 Cosmic World-Bridger. It’s just lovely.

The IChing Hexagrams are the foundation for our 64 bit computers. There are 64 of them.
This is a 24-hour time aspect to the gateway each day as it changes. These are moving, evolving, RNA cells. DNA is Time.
This is one of 260 birth gateways. Everyone on earth has one that reveals part of their destiny and lessons with the birth family.

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