I am no longer a Democrat



But I’m not a Pub either. No way. Politically I’ve been a Centrist for a long time which right now leans toward Justin Amash2020 who is actually my neighbor from West Grand Rapids. He grew up in this neighborhood and has actually visited my house.

I feel much better about myself being honest in the political stance I was raised to despise. My family are all liberal, far left-wing Obama worshippers, and believe he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, so…that’s not working for me. It’s just the government, not a church. That goes for the flag-waving, God toting Pubs too. My great grandfathers Townsend risked a limb or two and wrote the freedom of religion clause for the Flushing Remonstrance that was eventually included in the Bill of Rights. I’m not giving that one away. No establishment of religion in America!

The most nauseating part of this is that on my personal wall on Facebook, unless my picture is smiling and cute or pretty and I post little niceisms about my son or the weather, I’m absolutely ignored. If I post anything powerful against the panicdemic that is absolutely true from licensed physicians or nurses, or epidemiologists, I’m ignored. I really want to unfriend every one of them that have dissed me because I’m opinionated and an activist for physical and financial sovereignty in a culture that views human beings as stupid commodities to be manipulated until the funeral industry can make a pretty penny off of your death.

I want to create a new, powerful, more outspoken than ever persona that is as calm, lucid, intelligent, and beautiful to the point where no one can see me coming. I’m not bothering with resisting idiots, I’m BEING who I am in my full power and could care less what anyone’s reaction is. Facts are facts. Feelings are feelings. We are each free under our Constitution. If you believe the news media or watch a lot of TV your brain is fried and I’m not helping you. I want to be intimidating. I do think it’s better to be feared than loved on this planet of little human love.

What I can’t quite figure out is the odd time fold where my mind flipped fully away from liberal, left-wing thinking. For years, I’ve found the Disney trope of Democrat to be nauseating; their fear of anything outside of their comfy Protestant church service, hometown, their grandchildren and quilting to be mind-numbing, their WASPYness making me crave a raft of ants in the rainforest to gobble them up. (Wasp vs. Antman).

The Trump lovers on Twitter are even bothering me. I fully support disclosure of 100  years of secrets regarding the ET’s and tech but I wonder how it’s going to happen without the liberals losing their minds. Hillary and her elite clique being Luciferian, bloodthirsty pedophiles I don’t find hard to believe but if they really let this out some Americans will go over the cliff. Are the rightwingers serious that we are supposed to believe that there are NO REPUBLICAN Luciferians? , the Pubs are lily-white on this issue? No way. The entire government is corrupt and all the institutions with it.

I’m not sure what this new world will bring but I’ve most definitely run away from home, far, far away from the National House and I’m never coming back. They are the biggest pack of liars and their followers the biggest flock of sheeple I’ve ever seen.


5 Replies to “I am no longer a Democrat”

  1. So all politicsare the same. Dem or Repub in my eyes…which is the best of the same evil. And Facebook…i see where it is not the place for large ideas or people. It is to Keep the little people happy with kittens and using it to get them worked up If you want to speak the truth as you see it you need to ride with the big dogs. Keep writing Lisa. And for me Family is part of our problem in this world. I guess it is my Martian soul that thinks we have children and raise them to leave us and go out and be a part of the world and do their own mission. We left the area to be our own people and I think that has become very true. My family are my friends and clients that I love. And as far as where we are going in the future. We have been living 2000 years of “believing ” We needed someone else to interpret for us what we believed. Now we are moving into a time of “knowing” As you know and I know. I ask no one what to think or what I know. It is in me and my connection to spirit. 200 years from now children will ask …Why did people go to school in the old days? I do give thanks for my DNA. love ya.

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  2. Thanks Alice. I’ll find the bigger fish to swim with at some point. Neither of my sisters love me or treat me well. But they treat themselves worse so I consider the source.


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