A Matter of Opinion

aerial photography of water beside forest during golden hour
Photo by Sindre Stru00f8m on Pexels.com

“Some people need to take their own advice instead of endlessly propelling it at others. “The truth” is only “their truth” which is just their opinion. There are facts of science and nature but when it comes to people, it’s all relative and a matter of opinion.”

-Me, Lisa K. Townsend

2 Replies to “A Matter of Opinion”

  1. The Indian principle of anekantavada(many-sidedness), is the idea that truth is recognized differently from different points of view, and that none of the views are entirely true.

    1. Agree. We can only see in others what we have seen or can see in ourselves. Ideally, if we’ve already transcended it we can be a bit patient with their process of not seeing it yet.

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