Intuition; Intuition Supports Reasoning

Intuition guides heartset.

Emotion does not guide heartset.

Intuition is the higher rational mind and emotion is like the wind. You are the airplane flying on Earth and you have to know direction and speed of wind. The air holds you up in fact!

That is the emotion and you have to factor it into your flight plan or it’s not safe. You can’t pretend the wind changing direction doesn’t exist or you’re insane.

Such is our world and women are blamed for which way the wind blows because we understand it.


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  1. I have a bit of a struggle telling the difference between my intuition and my brain’s ability to “make up a story” about what’s happening. It doesn’t seem to make much difference except when it comes to romantic relationships. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together to make a unified whole. I want things to make sense…I want to understand why it is people do what they do.

    I recently had a situation that on the surface seemed harmless. It did involve someone I was having a romantic relationship with at the time. What seemed to be time she chose to spend with “company” turned out to be something much different. I believe parts of my subconscious put together bits of information and came to the conclusion that something wasn’t quite right.

    The day I discovered the company spending time under the same roof as my love interest, I had this overwhelming feeling something just wasn’t quite right.
    I finally just had to ask who “company” was and at least she was honest in revealing the truth, it was an ex-boyfriend, and that brought a quick end to our relationship.

    But there are other times when I’m not as trusting of my intuition when it’s shown that the “story” I had running in my head was far from the truth.

    At least today, I know not to ignore my intuition and at the same time, realize I need to verify what it’s been telling me.

    Thanks so very much for this post!

    David Lee.

  2. When it comes to women and sex I’ve observed that men are far more fantasy prone than women bc you’ve had no social programming that allows you to tune into the emotional part of your brain that I tributes to higher reasoning ot’r intuition. It’s not all your fault.

    Women are super expert at sizing up what’s going on with sex and men bc we have more to lose; unwanted pregnancy which can occur even using birth control.

    The irrational assumption here, unless she admitted it, was that she was having sex again with her ex as opposed to just talking to him. Many women are able to be friends, no sex with an ex bc we don’t define bond with sex unlike men. I blogged on this. Women bond through talking and men get jealous the same way women get jealous of men having sex when half the time sex means nothing to men.

  3. She probably still cares for you unless she distinctly said otherwise. Talking to her ex in no way affects her bond to you. And even if she had sex with him for some reason, maybe to test the waters, doesn’t mean she wouldn’t prefer you. Women change their minds. Lol.

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