Essay; Are you a Dog or a Cat Socially?

male and female cat

I like men who are cats, not dogs

This matters due to the fact that men, who are more like dogs socially, need to live with a woman who is more like a dog and the same with the cats. Women that are more like cats socially need to be with a man who is a cat. I was in denial about most men being like dogs up until my son’s father, my third husband insisted that most men are like dogs in need of training. I refused to acknowledge it because I need to respect people and true to form had an idea of a man as a human being in my mind, more like “a god” to go with my “goddess” self. He said, “No.” “Duh. Lisa,” I said to myself.

It stands to reason that a man who is sort of alpha, a pack animal (hangs with the guys), likes team sports, is messy, territorial, needs much attention, heterosexual, likes to rough house and is a meat lover is more dog-like and needs a woman who is a bitch, or a dog-trainer to be his mate. He’s attracted to women that are dogs but that could just be an outer persona if, in truth, he likes to be alone. Then in truth, he’s a cat man but struggling with that socially because most men on the planet are dogs.

I have failed in relationships because I held to my ideal of a man, not the reality. My first three mates have been dogs needing a bitch trainer and I’m A CAT! No way am I going to waste my time being a dog trainer and I’ve known that about myself since I was a young girl. My father was a dog in need of a trainer and I watched my cat mother try to play the role of dog-trainer her whole life. She’s still doing it. My advance forward was Michael, my fiance who passed away. That man was a lion, a big cat. We did well together.

Who is Cat Woman?

Pick one! I love all of them. Women who are cats are introvert, independent or interdependent, creative, smart, love to work and sleep and mind their own business. We’re not particularly domestic nor do we like to shop and be girly nor are we particularly territorial. We don’t care what others think of us. We don’t pride ourselves on our looks or glory in throwing that at men the way the dog women do. We also like to be home and secure, like a cat. We tend to have an inner sense of ourselves and very good self-esteem by ourselves which is highly taboo. Cat women need CAT MEN!! Huge revelation to me today.

What is a cat man? He has the same attributes as the cat woman but is male. He doesn’t need to be part of a pack of guys and is doing his own creative or business thing. He’s not as competitive either because he rocks it on his own like the cat woman. You get the picture. I’ll be chewing on this one for a while.


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