Empaths Should Not Absorb Energy; Just Read The Energy.

Rumi Water

I’ve been an empath my entire life and have paid my bills by doing it for twenty years. I’m a professional.  I’ve always known it’s not necessary or healthy to absorb someone else’s energy no matter what you do for a living. Healthy, firm boundaries are vital in every aspect of life. The definition of an empath is;

a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

Notice that there is no verb “absorb” in the definition. The verb is “apprehend” meaning to comprehend or go after. Also, I don’t actually believe it’s paranormal to be empathic. It’s just normal. Normally adjusted humans have empathy for living things. Of course, we live in a world that has a new normal and are coming to the end of an age called the kali yuga (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kali_Yuga) so it does seem that normal empathy has declined due to brainwashing. Most humans pay more attention to what’s going on outside than inside their bodies and minds. That creates toxic energy out of alignment with their own soul energy and causes illness. What has also declined are healthy boundaries because of invasion of privacy as a new normal and social media.

I wonder if the problem is that too many empaths don’t know how to rationally read energy and people’s bodies? I’m a psychic medium, bodyworker and Reiki Master as well and can pick up signals from another dimension from another soul connected to the client. The client’s emotions, however, are in this dimension and vital for their learning. If they are not already aware of their own feelings, I bring it up. How do I pick up their feelings without absorbing them?.

We are all able to read emotions like reading a book or reading thoughts. It’s just information. I would no more want to feel another person’s feelings than I would want to think their thoughts! They don’t belong to me! You’re going into energy that isn’t yours and we are not called to do that as lightworkers. If you’re a lightworker, there is no absorbing and then offloading the energy either onto the earth or animals or others. Just don’t do it in the first place. Just read it, don’t absorb it. The only time I absorb another’s feelings is if I personally resonate with it in my own soul and they are a friend. If I start to resonate with clients feelings I stop. I hope you do too.





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