Essay; This is Why I Hate Dating Using Social Media

zooskI paused my Zoosk account tonight. I’m getting so many guys viewing me and interested in meeting me who are not desirable; such as bad hygiene, covering how they look with a hat and sunglasses which is highly suspect, looking overly affectionate with their dogs and almost ready to take their pants off. I even changed my screen name so I wouldn’t sound like a pushover. I can’t believe how many lecherous trolls are on there! What are most of the cute ones doing? And the good ones won’t talk to me no matter how many smiles I put up. Or maybe they’re looking for women who are not pretty but slutty and ugly. I hear guys like that. Yeah, very likely. It’s also likely the cute ones are married or have girlfriends and are slumming online for what I just mentioned. Again, the novelty thing.

I’m not going to convince a guy who is shy or scared or too dumb to talk to women to talk to me. For what? My date, who is not my fella ignored my communication. My intuition tells me he’s an asshole that wanted me to jump and come have sex with him right away because he invited me to. When I said no, that nixed everything. God, that’s desperate and dysfunctional. The gaul of me to say I needed to sleep and work in the morning! And that’s the last I heard from him. My sense is he had a girlfriend back at his other place and was trying to cheat on the side. Again, he was too cute to be single. That’s why he wanted me to come right away; the excitement of it. No predictability.

He admitted he had a previous alcohol problem and doesn’t feel he deserves his lovely daughter so my intuition tells me there is a control problem there. If a woman doesn’t come when he shouts, like a dictator, he cuts her head off? Yeah, no. He’s off my list in a big way. I deleted him from my connections.

And just like that, men turn on you. It’s sex or nothing WHEN they want it. Who died and made them god? Women, just…do NOT have any romantic fantasies about men. They are very limited, feel guilty, addicted, and the list goes on. There are a lot of stray dogs out there. Don’t carry around any raw meat.



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  1. Your thoughts on dating websites is quite interesting. I’m attempting to do much the same here and have met with very limited success. I would like to mention that there are an equal number of “games” that females seem to like to play. One of my favorites is to carry on email conversations using the messaging feature of the site, yet balking at the notion of actually sharing phone numbers so texting or real conversations can take place.

    I had one such encounter last night. I had chatted with this woman for a couple of days and got to the point where I found messaging that way was lacking. So I simply asked if she would want to exchange phone numbers. She said “Not quite yet.” So I began another activity, editing pictures, and she comes back with “What are you doing?” I’ve always found that message to be kind of creepy. But I shared with her what I was doing and that’s where the conversation stopped.

    I get it…lots of women shy away from giving more personal information like phone numbers, but there does come that point where I begin to lose interest if the communication is limited to just dating website message exchanges. And lest most all guys be painted as weird, I think there are just as many women playing the same games online.

    Just my two cents worth… I can understand why you put your account on hold…I’m considering doing much the same.

    1. I was told by my date NOT to give my phone number out as it was a security risk. They can find out exactly who you are by googling your phone number. I’ve caught a few identity thrives that way. I give my number out right away so we get off the damn site but the site gives us one layer of separation so either party cannot stalk the other. I agree, I want to meet in person just like we do others all day. It seems like these sites are set up to let people know they can safely have ulterior motives or be surreptitious legally. (Like lying)

    2. You describe a woman being smart. I’m too open when you men are not interested in our humanity, just our sex. That’s unacceptable and women try to guage your level of consciousness so we don’t waste our love or feelings which we have all the time.

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