General Theory of Infinity

E=.65^∞  ©

It means Energy equals the ratio 13:20 or 20 divided by 13, which is .65 squared by infinity or 0. I’m just goofing around. It’s just hypothetical. If any mathematicians or physicists see this and think they can do a proof I’d be interested. I officially copyright this. I will give you some credit if you can help me do math proofs though. My intuition tells me that this could be the answer to unlimited energy in the universe as well as time travel.

Einstein’s special theory of relativity E=mc^2 governs spacetime. Energy = Mass times the speed of light squared. That only gets ya so far, not far at all really which I think is why physics is hung up. They need to jump on board the infinity wagon and deal with it. Space is not infinite, time is. What’s wrong with them? Everyone’s brain is in a time warp because we treat space like it’s time and time like it’s space.  The Maya had it correct which is why I’m working on True Time Science.

I read an article that says infinity is ruining physics.

Infinity is Ruining Physics

Infinity is a truth. If truth is ruining your field what does that say about your field? That’s just a bad attitude and a controlling one. That’s like people saying that bitcoin is ruining central banking. At some point, you need to get over your addiction to “stuff” and share because none of us gets to stay here.

Earth needs to join the universal stream and be neighborly if we’re going to survive or hopefully thrive. In order to do that they’re going to have to see past the end of their space noses and realize that we live in time-space, not spacetime. I write it that way because time subsumes space, not the other way around. Everything is surrounded by infinity.  Space is just the way it appears in this dimension but this dimension only gives a partial picture of the context that we sit in now.

The accurate calculations of time-space begin with 13:20 not 12:60. 12:60 only takes you to 3D and then you’re stuck. 13:20 takes us to infinity and I need math proofs.

The answer to 12:60 is 5.  The answer to 13:20 is .65.  This latter ratio is lighter by 4.35…something; maybe quanta.  It depends on your mode of travel.  Elon Musk or no Elon Musk, the whole NASA spaceship thing is very yesterday. Light bodies are hip now. Let’s go!

light bodies in a field


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