Body Intuition

Passionate feelings can make you sick or motivate you to be as well as you can be. It depends on the feelings. But for sure, you choose them and thus whether you will go one way or the other. No one else can control your feelings unless you allow it.

We have 100% choice in every situation. If you don’t know how you feel, just ask your body. Lay down, close your eyes and start with a body scan. How does each part feel? Whose mind and heart is in charge of your body?  How did it get this way? You don’t need anyone else to understand your process or feel what you feel.

Part of becoming mindful and tuned in as a conscious actor is to claim responsibility for the connection between your Mind and Heart and your body.  You run your body.  No one else owns you unless you’ve let them. That is what you need to figure out.  If you’ve let someone else set your agenda, that will make you sick because YOUR SOUL, YOUR MIND needs to set its own course; not family, friends, society, or the church.

The challenge here is that our society has taught us to give our selves and our power OVER to outside forces and others and allow ourselves to be used. That’s how power is hoarded by the few. We give it to them. That is materialism and it’s full of lies. Allowing yourself to be a victim will make you sick and you can stop it by becoming in tune with YOUR feelings and then deciding how you want to feel. Your body will literally tell you the truth directly or you’ll receive the information any number of ways.

Our bodies’ DNA (in its current human form) is a million years old so it knows what to do. In a sense, it does have a mind of its own that we need to respect. It does love you or it would have left you by now via death. It really can’t do that without your permission and is here to serve your intentions, mission, and consciousness. Do you love it back? Our bodies need us to listen so it can make us whole and joyful.


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