Tzolkin Reading for November 9, 2017-Thursday

Today we start a new 13-day cycle. It’s the White Dog Cycle and ends with White Cosmic 13 Wind.  So, the next 13 days are about how to communicate Love and Kindness in the world.  This is not done very much and social media doesn’t help.  It requires a connection to Spirit in whatever way you connect.  It’s all Source though. This process is guided by my analog, White Cosmic 13 World Bridger which is Change of dimension and surrender. We’re all going to die and I’ve been around quite a lot of death. It’s not something to fear but something to understand and accept.

In Mayan Cosmology there is something called the galactic in-breath and solar out- breath. If you cannot imagine your lungs not breathing, one way to prepare for death is realizing that your eternal MIND breathes which you can practice in meditation while in the body.

You can experience the solar in-breath which is your astrological ruling planet on both ends of the mind breathing and galactic out-breath which is your Mayan tribe and your analog. Your mind breathing is the source of your lungs breathing.  See if you can tune into that and maybe the fear of death will dissipate.  If you’re interested in purchasing a chart, just contact me at

Solar Date: November 9, 2017, Thursday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: White Magnetic 1 Dog

Calculated Theme plex Attributes: Love, Loyalty, Process Heart

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Mercury, which rules Gemini and Virgo

Calculated Tone: Tone 1, Magnetic, Note “C” at 261 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is magnetizing purpose and it’s action is attracting

Intuitive Theme plex Archetypes:

     Jungian-The Friend

     Tarot-The Lovers

     Nature-Dogs, all canines, heart

Calculated Theme plex around the theme:

     Guiding Power-Itself

     Challenging Gift/Antipode-Yellow Magnetic 1 Sun

     Hidden Wisdom-Blue Cosmic 13 Monkey

     Support/Analog-Red Magnetic 1 Moon

Intuitive Mantra-

I unify in order to love

Attracting loyalty

I seal the process of heart

With the magnetic tone of purpose

I am guided by my own power doubled

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