Tzolkin Reading for November 8, 2017-Wednesday



Theme plex for Red Cosmic 13 Moon (in the center)

Solar Date: November 8, 2017-Wednesday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Red Cosmic 13 Moon

Calculated Theme Plex Attributes: Purify flow and process universal water

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Mercury which rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo

Calculated Tone: Cosmic 13, Tone 2nd octave C, 523 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to transcend presence and its action is to endure

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

     Jungian-A Pregnant Woman

     Tarot-The Moon card – Notice “weathering the storm” and Blue Storm Tribe is the challenge/gift archetype.  Synchronicity.

Tarot The Moon


     Nature-water, moon, coyote, wolves, full moon

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

     Guiding Power-Red Cosmic 13 Skywalker (me)-top position (see above)

     Challenging Gift/Antipode-Blue Cosmic 13 Storm-left position (see above)

     Hidden Wisdom-Yellow Magnetic 1 Human-bottom position (see above)

     Support/Analog-White Cosmic 13 Dog-right position (see above)

 Intuitive Mantra-

I endure in order to purify

Transcending flow

I seal the process of universal water

With the cosmic tone of presence

I am guided by the power of space


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