Tzolkin Reading for November 3, 2017, Friday



Yellow Seed

Yellow Galactic 8 Seed


Solar Date: November 3, 2017-Friday

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Yellow Galactic 8 Seed

Calculated Gateway Attributes: Target Awareness, Input Flowering

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Jupiter which rules Sagittarius.

Calculated Tone: Tone 8, note “G” at 392 Hz

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to harmonize integrity and its action is to model

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

    Jungian-The Child


    Nature-Plants, fruits, and insects

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

    Guiding Power-Yellow Galactic 8 Star

    Challenging Gift/Antipode-White Galactic 8 Wind

    Hidden Wisdom-Red Rhythmic 6 Earth

    Support/Analog-Blue Galactic 8 Eagle

Intuitive Mantra-

I harmonize in order to target

Modeling awareness

I seal the input of flowering

With the galactic tone of integrity

I am guided by the power of elegance

 My Intuitive Interpretation of the Archetypes:

Shadow Wisdom Today: insecurity, low-self-esteem, limited vision of your potential

Transformation: You are literally fertile ground full of potential.  Safety is an illusion on earth where anything can happen at any moment.  This is a place of emerging possibility that your own vibe and vision help to manifest.

Guiding us today is Yellow Star; harmony, beauty, art.  Use your creativity today to release anxiety.

Challenging us is Galactic communication and spirit in White Wind tribe.  Our alien ancestors are always trying to reach us.  Watch for reports in the news.

Hidden is Red Earth: navigation, telling us which way to go and asking us to watch for synchronicity.

Supporting us is the galactic vision of Blue Eagle, our eyes on earth that never fail.  For humans, that is the third eye, our clairvoyance or psychic seeing.  Make sure you’re AWAKE!!!

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