Tzolkin Theme plex reading for Nov. 2, 2017

Blue Night

Blue Resonant 7 Night


Calculated=scientifically, mathematically proven

Intuitive=scientifically, psychologically valid, intuitively SEEN and FELT by the mind and heart


Solar Date: November 2, 2017

Calculated Tzolkin Theme plex: Blue Resonant 7 Night

Calculated Gateway Attributes: Dream abundance, Input Intuition

Intuitive Solar System Planet of Affinity in Time, not Space: Saturn, which rules Capricorn. Venus is sextile Saturn today so that is a positive aspect. Venus rules beauty and romance and shows what you love depending on where it’s placed in your chart.  If your Venus is in Capricorn in your birth chart, Blue Night will help you get some deep thinking done in a disciplined format.

Calculated Tone: Resonant 7, the note “F#” at Hz 369. Tone 7 resonates at the throat chakra so speaking, singing, or writing are auspicious today.

Calculated Tone Attributes: Creative function is to channel attunement.  Its action is inspiring

Intuitive Gateway Archetypes:

      Jungian-The Shadow

      Tarot-The Hermit

      Nature-Bat, Owl, Nighttime

Calculated Gateways around the theme:

      Guiding Power-Blue Resonant 7 Eagle, kin 215

      Challenging Gift/Antipode-Red Resonant 7 Skywalker, kin 33

      Hidden Wisdom-White Resonant 7 Mirror, kin 98

      Support/Analog-Yellow Resonant 7 Warrior, kin 176

Intuitive Mantra-

I channel in order to dream

Inspiring intuition

I seal the input of abundance

With the resonant tone of attunement

I am guided by the power of vision

 My Intuitive Interpretation of the Archetypes in the Theme plex:

We sit in time with these symbols.  Blue Night tribe is the dark of the womb, gestation, and creation so the vibe is slower today. But yesterday we opened the 11/1/1 portal.  November is 11, 1st of the month, and 2017 reduces down to a 1. This is an up-level to a higher vibration which calms and lifts the mind and opens the heart.  None of this is clever or intellectual.  These up-levels can be felt in the body if you follow the breath or meditate every day.  Mindfulness is IN THE BODY.  The mind is the body spinning with intention at 40,000 miles per second in the nucleus of the cells. I know the body feels dense and sitting still but it is vital.  It’s vital energy and your thought and feelings create your vibe that others can feel when you walk into a room.

Skywalker Tribe is resonating with this slower pace today and will use it to WALK the BODY on EARTH because Skywalker is guided by Red Earth.  We use it to navigate and hone synchronicity.  Walking on the earth is a challenge since our natural place is walking in the sky with our etheric body.  Lucid dreaming or wakeful dreaming is fun for us.

The Hidden Wisdom is a resonant White Mirror that reflects who we are back to us. In a mirror, we see darkly that which light reflects.  Everything comes from light and returns to light.  Darkness is only the absence of light so that it can regenerate itself for its travels.  Energy = matter times the speed of light squared.  E=MC2.  It’s a proven fact that everything in the universe is composed of energy.  No energy is ever lost or dies, it’s just transformed.  We are pure energy so that is the case for us as well.

Supporting us is the resonant warrior.  In the old days, humans still had heart and fortitude.  There were always warriors, female and male to resist evil.  I don’t know what we have now.  The old paradigms are just crumbling so we are all just using our time to change our energy instead of fighting as much as we used to. Technology has changed the life force of a warrior. We seem to just fight on fakebook, I mean Facebook where there are no REAL faces, just pictures.  So it really should be called fake picture book.  It’s full of rhetoric, posturing, and posing. We never know how people really feel, just what they want others to believe. The real warriors are flesh and blood people who still talk to one another in person, care for the body, work using their body, play sports, garden, and children who play.

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