Tzolkin Themeplex for November 1, 2017


White Wind

White Rhythmic 6 Wind

 Calculated=scientifically, mathematically proven according to the Philosophy of Science.

Intuitive=scientifically, intuitively SEEN and FELT by the mind and heart according to the Philosophy of Mind.

Solar Date: November 1, 2017, Wednesday

Tzolkin Theme plex: White Rhythmic 6 Wind

Calculated Theme plex Attributes: Communicate Spirit, Input Breath

Calculated Solar Planet of Affinity: Uranus which rules Aquarius

Calculated Tone: Rhythmic 6

Calculated Tone Attributes: Organize Equality with the outcome of BALANCING, the note “F”, 349 Hz

Intuitive Theme plex Archetypes: White Wind Tribe

                 Jungian-The Apocalypse

                 Tarot-The Wheel of Fortune

                 Nature-Wind, Sound, Birds, Storm, Tornado

Calculated Archetypes around the theme:

                 Guiding Power-Itself

                 Challenging Gift/Antipode-Yellow Rhythmic 6 Human

                 Hidden Wisdom-Blue Galactic 8 Storm

                 Support/Analog-Red Rhythmic 6 Earth


My Intuitive Interpretation of the Archetypes:

A rhythmic wind is one that moves and changes the vibe. This guides us today too. We just passed Halloween, or Samhain and the season is changing quickly with the tilt of our section of the earth away from the sun.  That, and the sun is QUITE active these days affecting all sentient life on Earth to evolve us forward. We may be making a physical evolutionary leap here soon. Some have already depending on their agenda for being in the body at this time. You may want to keep an eye on your body and change food, drink and thought practices accordingly so your body makes it through the changes. I have personally COMPLETELY changed my diet, drink, and lifestyle, responding to physical and universal prodding in the last month.  I don’t even ask why anymore.  I just do it knowing it will improve my life and release my resistance and karma.

The challenging gift warns against reacting with fight or flight animal brain that indulges in reactionary fear to events outside of you. That is miscreating in the new time.  Be sure to follow your intuition and psychic senses coming from your body and put down your tech toy.  Have a lot of sex and honor the seasons. Eat whole foods that you have to chew and digest.

The hidden wisdom is that the storms that roll through help align and cleanse earth’s energy from the galactic core.

The support is our precious GAIA, earth herself who is one with all life on the planet, human, other animals, plants, et al. She is our mother and through females, she is roaring like a lion now.  May it be so.


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