Continuing on with the Science…


This is an experiment from”The Conscious Universe” by Dean Radin, Ph.D., that has to do with proving the existence of intuition manifested in decision-making.

Neuroscientists from the Universiy of Iowa College of Medicine reported an experiment on intuitive hunches in the prominent journal Science.  They measured electrodermal activity in ten normal people and in six brain-damaged patients while they individually played a card game.  The game involved four card decks and instructions to simply select a deck and turn over a card, one at a time. The cards would result in winning money, and others in losing money. Two of the decks were “bad” in that they had a higher percentage of losing cards, and the other two were “good,” having a higher percentage of winning cards.

Remarkably, without knowing that there were good or bad decks or anything about the distribution of losing cards within each deck, both the normal people and the brain-damaged patients “began to generate anticipatory electrodermal activity whenever they pondered a choice that turned out to be risky before they knew explicitly that it was a risky choice.” In discussing the surprising effect, the researchers speculated that the biasing mechanism identified here is distinct from other neural mechanisms whose integrity is crucial for decision-making. In other words, we propose an addition to mechanisms already recognized as necessary for proper reasoning.

Given the evidence for precognition described in this chapter (7), it is entirely possible that the additional mechanism-something beyond what conventional neuroscience has recognized so far-is psi (intuition).”

This is a pretty simple experiment from my life experience.  But I live my by intuition and have since I was small.  I only became interested in biology, healthcare, and the body when I was a pre-teen.  That was ignored by my parents because I was a girl that was pretty with this great talent (Whooppee!), but my interest and study of science have never waned. In my conscious adult life I have resurrected what I always wanted; science, and dropped the performance piece.

Anyway, I can tell you that I get flashes, pictures, feelings, lucid dreams, time-travel experiences, and precognition all the time.  I live a different kind of life to be sure.  I’ve learned to always listen to it, especially my dreams that come through super clear.  If I have a dream about a friend or a patient, I’m able to help with the situation right away.

I use my Mind for a living on both the rational assessment level and the intuitive level.  Being a bodyworker (manual therapist) and Reiki Master requires both biological awareness of every mechanism of the body and intuitive feel for the qi or ki.  It’s seamless and intimately intertwined for me.  It’s certainly not as superficial as a game of cards because I pay my bills doing it!

Nevertheless, if they wanted to put electrodes on my head someday to analyze what part of my brain lit up, that’s fine with me.  But I don’t need the electrodes to show me what I already feel.


Bechara, A., H. Damasio, D. Tranel, and A. R. Damasio. 1997. Deciding advantageously before knowing the advantageous strategy. Science 275 (February 28): 1293-1295


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