A Field Guide To Skepticism

The Conscious Universe

Dean Radin’s book, “The Conscious Universe” is about the evidence supporting parapsychology, and the link between our minds and the material world.  He and a few others have amassed irrefutable data that support the anecdotes and place us on the leading edge.

It’s important to shatter myths when people gossip and live according to memes and then spread their bias via the internet.  I recommend you actually read the book and look at the evidence before you deny the reality of psychic phenomena.

Charles Honorton, parapsychologist from Edinburgh summarized he view of the state of skepticism as follows:

There is a danger for science in encouraging self-appointed protectors who engage in polemical campaigns that distort and misrepresent serious research efforts.  Such campaigns are not only counterproductive they threaten to corrupt the spirit and function of science and raise doubts about its credibility.  The distorted history, logical contradictions, and factual omissions exhibited in the arguments of the critics represent neither scholarly criticism or skepticism, but rather a counter-advocacy masquerading as skepticism.”

We then move on the section on valid and invalid criticisms:

“A criticism must be testable, meaning that a critic has to specify the conditions under which the research could avoid the criticism, otherwise, the objection is just a philosophical argument that falls outside the realm of science.”

I will be moving through this book and posting the results of Dr. Radin’s experiments as well as discuss the more salient points he makes that bring the issue of consciousness into a dance step with quantum physics.

Up next will be the findings of neuroscientists from the Unversity of Iowa College of Medicine reporting on an experiment on intuitive hunches in the prominent journal Science.



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