The Priest Died

I talk about the experience I had working with a Catholic priest in my new book “Healer”. I just found out he died of lung cancer last year, just as my son’s father did seven months previous to that.  He was a smoker, drinker and lived a fast, loose jazz life as a cabaret singer before he was ordained.  It was a seamless career transition, no doubt.

This part isn’t in the book, but I worked with him as the liturgy director for Triduum in 2009, which is similar to putting on a complex Easter performance over three days, conducting many musicians and playing all the keyboards.  I had to focus and lead during this time.  It was a lot of work and my first time tackling it! I lived quite a distance from the parish so I requested a hotel room nearby before the busiest of the three days.  I was told they would cover the cost.

The priest had been bothering and flirting with me previous to this but I didn’t expect what came next.  He called me up and expected to have a liaison with me that weekend at the hotel. I wouldn’t do it so he refused to pay for my room! I told the church secretary he wouldn’t pay it and what had happened. She just snickered, as though I should know how the game was played.  She was playing it herself with him, after all, and this confirmed it.  I had other proof and it was in my report to the Diocese before I quit.

I guess I’m not a team player, especially as a woman in the workplace no matter where I go. I took care of myself, paid for the room, and decided I could not be bought my male superiors on a job whether they’re doctors or priests.  There is more to the story, but the short of it is I’ve never been put through the dark ringer as much as I was by this guy. Good riddance your holiness. Now I have to figure out how to forgive him. At least I know I’ll never run into him.



3 Replies to “The Priest Died”

  1. Love his soul more than you hate what he did. In your forgiveness he has a chance of heaven.

    It is hard to forgive those who hurt us. What he did there is no excuse for, but it is not unforgiveable. I have had to forgive much more than this in my life, by the grace of God I could. It took me three years to forgive someone once, and a lifetimee to forgive someone else for doing to me much like what was done to you, when I was a child. With the forgiveness there will come peace. Hope this helps. Sorry this happened to you. God Bless, SR

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    1. I was married at the time too. Even though my husband and I were on our last legs, we were still friends. He knew everything that went on and stayed on my side. He died before the priest and I like to think he’s working him over on a spirit level for what he did to me. “Chance of heaven”. Not for me to judge, but he sure had wrong ideas about God. I’d actually like an adjudication with him from Universe authority after I pass over.

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      1. I always say,”It is the justice of God that makes everything right, again.” Think about it, standing before God having to admit all of that now? I doubt if he thinks of himself today, as he did yesterday! God Bless, SR


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