This One is a Lost Gem

I couldn’t believe I found this when I was googling the history of Intuition in the Scientific Method about two weeks ago.  The paper was typewritten in 1963, so that’s what I had to work from. I loved Dr. Smith’s physics and philosophy thought process on this taboo subject.  But it’s not that taboo anymore, at least not in psychology.

Intuition is still talked about in hushed tones by hardcore, axiomatic, scientific method types.  It’s a little soft right?  No, it’s not and Dr. Smith came to that conclusion. I’m hoping the information here and on this website will broaden the approach and attitudes toward cooperation between Axiomatics, the Scientific Method, and Axiology. It’s all science and should all be considered! It’s time for a holistic scientific method that’s just as rational or more rational than what science has given us so far.  Let’s face it, how rational was the building and use of an atomic bomb? Has that helped the world?  Why did sixty million people have to die in WWII for us to realize that war is counter-intuitive?  All militarism is counter-intuitive, so let’s apply some INTUITION!

Dr.Smith worked on the Manhattan Project with James Van Allen, the man who discovered the radiation belts surrounding the earth.  He was a heavyweight.  The Van Allen probes are still active and I will be posting some of that information on here as well.  It’s fascinating stuff.  You never knew astrophysics could hold your attention until you follow the radiation belts and learn about them! Personally, I’m a space junky.

The conclusion in this booklet is groundbreaking.  Dr. Smith wrote this paper for an Army conference so he probably thought no one would see it or read it.  I did.  And I hope you will too.

I’ve included a glossary of terms to help you through it.



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