Intuition Up

Since 1990, I’ve been using Mayan Cosmology to give me a sense of how the energies impacting the earth are affecting our minds. Millions of people all over the world use it as well, especially in South America. I’m sure readers realize that every day has a different feel to it, that change is constantly happening and we are not robots going through every day in the same way. This fact has essentially defined human history for one million years. Change is inherent.

One thing is sure; humans like security in a very evolutionary, unstable world. If we can at least know partially what’s coming, maybe we can prepare. Mayan Cosmology helps with that! Like any subject worth its salt, it combines intuition and science to be as accurate as possible. Together, both of those are a powerhouse. Alone, neither science or intuition will give you an accurate picture. I’m fairly sure every scientist would agree with me. Einstein, Tesla, and Jung all praised the intuition for aiding them in their greatest discoveries. A wise scientist, if that’s not too oxymoronic, will do the same.

But up until now, we couldn’t understand why things were changing the way they were and how humans were part of the flow of complicated natural events on earth. We are starting to now, thanks to scientific and psychological advancements that are helping us understand the Mind, earth cycles, and Consciousness. Mayan Cosmology is the organizer and generator of much of that. It’s even believed that The Mayan Harmonic generates our DNA from the galactic core. This has been proven by empirical studies over long stretches of time.

It’s apparent that this matrix, discovered in Mesoamerica and part of the Mayan culture, is deeply and intricately aligned with the earth’s cycles and human families. I’ve followed it for twenty-six years and the synchronicities are consistent and profound. I have examples and hope to create a database at some point.


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