Emotions You Run Proliferate

It’s not quite fully understood yet and I don’t believe there’s a scientific formula for it, but people are starting to observe the fact that emotions you run accidentally, by default, in reaction to events, others, OR on purpose… duplicate.

There are no right or wrong, just or unjust feelings.  Everyone is free to feel whatever they feel at any moment in time and then receive the repercussion.  It’s nature.

If you throw a ball straight up into the air, it will come down.

If you’re in the habit too long of sitting in and running negative emotion, it becomes an automatic pilot and then your body will begin to break down.

If you’re in the habit of daily getting up and feeling and enjoying your body, grateful to be alive one more day knowing it’s going to end someday and deciding to drink it in and run the race, your body will remain strong and vigorous.

Some people put on a good front that they’re happy, but their body tells the truth.

If you tell the truth about how you feel, let go and move on to the next one, you will be well.

If you deny or cover how you really feel and never let it go, you’re making yourself ill.  Sure, you can do it with a smile on your face, but your body tells the truth about how you feel and a healer can feel it.

Take care.



One Reply to “Emotions You Run Proliferate”

  1. I agree with your thinking on this one. In my humble opinion, and with some additional research, I believe our brains are hard-wired to react to certain situations in a particular way….and that is unique to each individual. While there are commonalities to the way we most all will react to a certain circumstance, there are also more personalized ways we respond to others. I believe that our childhood experiences can hold the key to a lot of our emotional reactions, as well as circumstances we’ve experienced growing up. And no matter how deeply we’d like to behave in some different manner, the same responses seem to reappear on their own. It is possible to affect change, but it is a slow and winding road. Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts on this matter that we all deal with on some level at all points in our lives.

    David Lee.

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