Just a mistake

Evil just means error.  You or I just made a mistake.  It’s not serious.

Everyone makes mistakes.

If I make a mistake, I am forgiven.

There-guilt disappears from everywhere.  Now I can relax and have fun.


Sin…that’s different.  Don’t mistake the two.

Simply, if you feel and know God is real, all through nature, all throughout the Universe,

And you feel and know God is Love and Forgiveness, Goodness, warmth,

And you deeply, deeply want to do and be the opposite, that’s serious, it’s willful, it’s ego-it’s despicable and twisted.

You’re hurting yourself more than anyone else…but that’s allowed in a free universe as well but won’t be overlooked.

Still, Love literally destroys both. So again, let it go and you can relax and move forward.



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