Life in Between Writing

Does the life inside my head, when I’m not writing, count as my Life?

Or do I have to go outside and be around people to observe and participate in that stuff in between writing for that to count as my Life?

Or does the time I’m just being empty headed, doing and thinking nothing and not writing count as my Life?

I think it all counts.  Thought forms tend to be phantasms but they’re really not ya know. The preponderance is on action in our society but it’s not that way for writers.

Thought forms are picked up by the mind and manifested into the cells of the body.  I work on people’s bodies as a holistic health care service in between writing and see it every day. Dr. Mercola is a good one on this subject.  There is much research on quantum physics verifying the body as a type of energy antenna but we’ll start here.  Take a look.

My daily life is fairly structured and repetitive on the outside so I can serve the fluctuations, intuitions, and insights on the inside.  My pet peeve is letting myself get distracted by “friends” who feel guilty, don’t have much fun, or tend to be lazy and therefore jealous of others achievements who’ve earned it.  Therefore, I try to stay in creative mode and happy in my body.

When the sky is gray, like today, or it’s snowing, all of nature brings a variation that causes  lip licking and nose blowing with a tempermental euphoria that distinctly tastes like the air.  I love the smell of the crisp air in Michigan winter.  This is my life in between writing.

But even though the snow plows the street, must we go on an errand?  I just want to drink my Earl Grey tea and sit in my master chair writing my latest musing.  That’s the thing about being a writer.  When my mind is swirling, my body won’t.

For now, watching the rhythmic drips from my roof out my window will do until I set up another lunch date to look forward to with a girlfriend.  One thing I’m not going to do is turn the TV on. Television is a muse killer if there ever was one.








One Reply to “Life in Between Writing”

  1. Not just TV, social media too! Unless you use wisely…which is tricky, it may help turning the muse on by reading and watching what triggers others or culture in general. Life, for me, is everywhere, in the writing and in between, but mostly in my connection to nature 🙂


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